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Mothernode, LLC: is a dedicated to providing innovative, cutting-edge web-based software solutions (Software–as-a-Service or SaaS) that help businesses streamline and improve the efficiency of their operations. Companies looking for a scalable solution and alternative to Salesforce.com or Microsoft Dynamics will find what they need and a lot more with Mothernode CRM. Mothernode ERP and Mothernode CRM are designed to increase productivity, by minimizing user workloads and tasks, and will help your business establish standard, uniform workflows that may not have existed earlier, and can improve your bottom line in the process.


The right platform for your SMB

Mothernode offers Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) a suite of powerful on-demand application modules and components designed to improve the way your employees work as individuals and as a company unit. The software includes Salesforce Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Order Fulfillment, Quoting and Proposals, Inventory Control Systems (ICS), Vendor Access, Invoicing, Performance Indicators and so much more. Grow within Mothernode in areas that would be additional costs in Salesforce.com

Our services and philosophies go beyond offering traditional charts and management tools. We certainly provide these, but more importantly we’ve applied tremendous focus toward the most efficient operating workflow and expedition of business processes, making jobs easier, increasing productivity, creating a positive impact on your business.

We’re committed to excellence, and that is why all of the functions you need to run your business are available in a user-friendly, web-based environment that run smoothly on Mac, PC and Linux platforms. Our software models are customizable and are configured to fit your business, manipulating our software to work for your industry.

Powerful, user-friendly services to completely run your business within an affordable cost structure: This makes Mothernode the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution on the market today.

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