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Increase your lead intake with Mothernode’s built in lead capture forms that let new and existing customers connect with you anytime, anywhere. Measure the revenue results of your marketing initiatives with campaign analytics and connect to popular marketing programs you already use.

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Integrated Capabilities to Increase Sales

The key to any ongoing business success rests in building and maintaining your customers and sales. Mothernode’s comprehensive sales and marketing crm modules make it easy for you to manage leads, follow-up with ongoing management and identify trends throughout the sales pipeline.


Deliver Better Customer Service

Sales success comes through top notch customer service Mothernode gives you the tools you need to improve the way you interact with you customer accounts and let you better manage your customer relationships.

Simplify Collaboration with Integrated Connectivity

Stop letting communication problems hinder your sales success potential. Mothernode’s Sales and Marketing Edition gives you the ease of communication between all business levels. Keep everyone on your team on the same page for a more consistent customer experience and reduce unnecessary administrative communication.

Edition Features

Mothernode’s rich feature set includes a wealth of tools to manage campaigns and customers from marketing to sales generation and lead management. The Sales and Marketing Edition gives you all these tools for Sales and Customer Management – with even more options for maximizing your growth.

Contact Management

Every interaction you have with your contact in one easy to manage screen. With single screen snapshots and streamlined access to all contacts, you’ll get ease-of-use in all your communication.

Marketing Automation

Boost close ratios with less effort. Simplify and grow sales with Mothernode CRM's marketing automation features. Increase your engagement with new prospects and existing customers.

Account Management

Every transaction, note and communication at your finger tips. Mothernode’s Customer Account Management makes it easy to connect and continually engage your customers – from marketing to ongoing account relations.


Stay connected to your customer accounts and their activity, in real-time; at your desk or on the phone with Dialogue™. Mothernode’s social media-style collaboration tools keep you informed of important events on every account you own or follow.

Lead Capture Forms

Harvest new leads with Mothernode CRM’s customizable Lead Capture Forms. Create forms perfectly-suited for your website, social media accounts or landing pages and funnel new prospects directly into your sales pipeline.

Sales Management

Intuitive tools, dashboards and automated reporting to give your the perspective you need to manage your sales force, whether you have a team of 3 or 300.

Opportunity Management

When opportunity knocks, you want to be there to answer. These automated connectivity tools can help you better manage leads – and never miss out on more business.

Sales & Marketing Business Intelligence

Key performance indicators (KPIs) give you realtime information about your marketing programs so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Change your marketing programs based on noticeable trends and save money by repeating campaigns that generate less desirable results.

Mobile Accessibility

No business professional can succeed today while remaining tethered to an office or a desk. Mothernode's mobile platform brings you full functionality for lead and sales management with collaboration tools designed for portability.

Sell Smarter

Generate more leads and shorten your sales cycle.

Sales and Marketing CRM

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Mothernode CRM Sales & Marketing

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Sales and Marketing CRM

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