HubSpot Integration

Mothernode integrates with HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing platform, so you can streamline your workflow more than ever! Mothernode CRM and ERP products integrate with HubSpot to automate and enhance your Marketing capabilities. Combining these two software solutions gives your business incredible Marketing powers!

What this means for your business

Combining these two mazing technologies gives your business the ability to engage your audience, like prospects and customers, with e-marketing campaigns and have them automatically entered into your Mothernode sales process and entire workflow. HubSpot integration with Mothernode CRM streamlines your marketing, sales and even operational processes. Begin by using Mothernode’s lead capture forms* to harvest new leads in your CRM account, while simultaneously assigning them to one of more campaign sequences in HubSpot.

HubSpot Customers

Mothernode is a complete CRM solution for your business that goes far beyond managing sales pipeline, contacts, leads and opportunities. Mothernode CRM is an operating system for your business that let’s you manage your day-to-day business activities that includes building quotes, purchase orders, managing vendors, inventory and so much more. Mothernode CRM users can grow into larger more capable versions of the software that include order management and invoicing. Customers agree that Mothernode is a practical alternative to and MS Dynamics CRM. Learn more about how Mothernode CRM can help you manage your business and visit our YouTube Channel for a comprehensive library of product demos and tutorials.

Take HubSpot further with Mothernode CRM

Leverage the power of Mothernode and integrate a cloud-based platform designed to improve your business operations, from sales through to invoicing and even aftermarket service support. Mothernode CRM and ERP provide you with a complete solution to run your business. Simplify the process of adding and controlling contacts in your HubSpot marketing campaigns from within your Mothernode workflow.

Integrate with Mothernode CRM and you can:

  • Introduce a complete business operating system that pilots your marketing campaigns
  • Combine HubSpot’s marketing engine with Mothernode’s marketing analytics and pinpoint your focus
  • Simplify adding new leads, contacts or customers into HubSpot
  • Build lead capture forms on the fly, receive new leads in Mothernode and automatically place them into one or more HubSpot campaign sequences
  • Track actual revenue generated by your lead capture forms, whether its in the pipeline to close or invoiced complete
  • Get a geographical perspective of where your buyers are
  • Trigger HubSpot campaigns, not just in the sales process, but in different portions of your workflow
  • Add support cases into HubSpot campaigns for automatics follow-ups or surveys

Mothernode Customers

Expand the capabilities of your Mothernode CRM and ERP product when you introduce e-marketing services by HubSpot, the world leader in marketing automation for small and medium size businesses. Tapping into the power of HubSpot is the easiest and most effective way to automate communications with your prospects, contacts and customers.

Integrate with HubSpot and you can:

  • Build powerful electronic marketing campaigns to engage your customers
  • Automate your marketing workflow
  • Build HTML and rich text drip campaigns to automatically stay in front of your customers
  • Construct marketing workflows that adjust with their interests and selections
  • Create marketing campaigns for sales, marketing, events, operations, customer service and so much more

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