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Introducing Handshake™ by Mothernode

Handshake™ by Mothernode

Mothernode Handshake CRM ReferralMothernode introduces Handshake, the first CRM to CRM referral system designed trade opportunities and contacts between companies, right from within the software. Handshake™ users don’t just receive referrals, they receive leads they can inject right into their sales funnel.

Handshake™ is an optional add-on available in all Mothernode CRM and ERP editions and let’s subscribing companies connect with other Mothernode subscribers to share referrals or exchange contacts with a few simple clicks.

“We’re in the business of helping our customers boost their sales”, says Ken Pearson, one of the co-founders at Mothernode, “At our core we focussed on sales automation and application features designed to guide users through the sales process, helping them achieve higher success rates during their sales cycle. When we explored the concept of Handshake™ it only made sense to allow Mothernode subscribers and their users to engage each other, develop relationships and share referrals right from within the CRM. We feel this is a valuable service for our customers.”

Mothernode users benefit from all of the conveniences and automations built into their Handshake™ module, such as automatically accepting a referral and having a new lead record generated with a single click. Or exchanging contacts that are instantly filed with your existing contacts just as easily. However, Handshake also allows users to send referrals and contacts to non-mothernode subscribers through email.

While most anyone can benefit from Mothernode’s Handshake™ capabilities, connecting to subscribers with synergies strong enough that could lead to business deals, there are some immediate groups that have already made Handshake a success within their business model.

Most B2B Franchisees are often restricted to do business in territories where they have contract rights. This could be regional, local or in some cases they may have the right to coexist in various territories. Handshake™ automates the process when leads and prospects are discovered outside of an organization’s territory and simplifies the sharing process from one franchisee CRM to another.

There are thousands of associations nationwide dedicated to helping their membership grow their business by delivering value added services. Mothernode has special volume pricing designed for these types of organizations. Associations can offer Mothernode CRM to their members at a special discounted price, extending their commitment to helping their businesses succeed by providing them a solid platform to run their business that they can trust and that will grow with them. Handshake offers the added benefit of automating the lead transfer process between members.

Networking Groups
Mothernode offers a value add to networking groups and professionals who focus on education, building business and trading leads. Volume licensing offers networking groups and their members a discount on their edition of Mothernode CRM as part of a commitment to local business communities to help entrepreneurs grow their companies with a CRM solution they can depend on. Networkers engaged in lead sharing activities will instantly benefit from the convenience of Handshake™ and how it adds instant value to the lead generating process.

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