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Ken Pearson on Mojo Google Hangout

This is a Google Hangout from Mothernode Customer and Reseller – Mojo Media Labs

Welcome back to Mojo Media Labs for our second Mojo Google Hangout with Mothernode CRM Co-Founder and President Ken Pearson. We’re using Google’s Hangout feature to bring you the most relevant, real-life marketing success stories. Experts from a range of industries join us to share how they use digital marketing to drive business results.

In this interview, Ken Pearson shares with us how they utilize analytics and automation for business development. Watch our video to learn why the utilization of the proper analytics actually makes you smarter about your business and target audience. Ken also shares how the use of automation for drip campaigns not only saves time, but establishes a more efficient and customer centric process.

Digital Marketing Takeaways from Ken Pearson

It was a true pleasure having Ken Pearson on Mojo Google Hangout with me. As part of business development, I’m constantly looking at analytics to decipher online trends and marketing solutions. Ken made a lot of great points about how analytics and the right software not only saves time, but helps marketing and sales work together to generate more business and return on investment.

Here are some of the key points from the interview:

Marketing analytics provides priceless information to where sales should be focusing.
You need to evaluate what’s working, what’s not, where your strengths are and how you can maximize on those strengths. Just because you’re doing well in one area doesn’t mean you can’t do better.
The right analytics will help you decipher the trends in your target audiences’ online purchasing habits. Then you can make smarter business decisions that impact the bottom line.
Automating emails campaigns is the most efficient way to nurture prospects that have particular questions or interests.
I think Ken worded it perfectly when he said, “You can’t control what a client or a customer is doing, but one thing you can control is what’s going on in your business. That’s where you need to take charge of what’s happening.”


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