Introducing the All-New Mothernode CRM

The Future is Beautiful

Re-Imagined from the ground up

Mothernode CRM celebrates its 10th year in style, including hundreds of new features wrapped in a modernized, re-built, highly functional interface. This isn’t an upgrade, this is a totally new CRM. In the coming weeks, we’ll be hosting a special webinar dedicated to revealing all the amazing new things you can expect to access in your Mothernode CRM account. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to see.

Simplify your Sales Process

Mothernode CRM makes it even easier to update your sales activity from listing screens, without accessing records. Spend more time selling and less time maintaining opportunities. 

Stay Focused

Save time with simplified visual data. We’ve transformed basic lists to include key performance indicators that help you zero-in on the deals that matter most, so you can clearly visualize your sales and prioritize your next moves. 

Click to Lead

A Marketer’s dream come true! Quickly turn highly engaged contacts in your marketing lists into new sales opportunities and assign them to the right Sales Rep in seconds. The advantage? Keep your marketing lists out of your leads until it’s time!

Live Search

Mothernode introduces a newly designed, more functional way to search your records. All listing screens now include Live Search. Results appear in your list as you type, increasing productivity by quickly locating your data.

Improved User Interface

We’ve redesigned screens from the ground-up to make the information you depend on more accessible by displaying it as soon as you access the record. Mothernode also includes more memory selections that help maintain the views and settings you prefer most.

New Calendars

Mothernode’s calendars are redesigned and include new functionality. Users can easily add new appointments and follow-ups while inviting external contacts, like customers and prospects.

Improved Workflows

Mothernode includes more practical functionality throughout the entire application. Users who are heavily dependent on writing emails and making calendar appointments now have the convenience of minimizing their activities while continuing to work in different areas of the CRM.

and that’s just the beginning…