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Mothernode CRM Introduces Timesaving Integrations for Xero Customers


Mothernode CRM Introduces Timesaving Integrations for Xero Customers

Irving, Texas – December 16, 2017 – With business picking up all over the country, companies need to focus on tasks that can take advantage of the growing economy. To do so, they need to eliminate redundant processes, streamline workflows, and automate routine tasks so employees can spend their time on more productive work. With Mothernode Enterprise Edition’s new partnership with accounting software giant Xero, companies can focus on growing revenue, not repetitive tasks.

Mothernode, a customer relationship management (CRM) software company, saw the need for a system that would allow sales and customer support teams to send all their Mothernode Enterprise transactions, such as invoices and purchase orders, automatically to their accounting software. Since many of Mothernode’s customers—mostly small- to medium-sized businesses—used Xero to handle their accounting, the partnership was a perfect match.

With this new integration, Mothernode users can communicate all their transactions directly to Xero with just a few clicks. This makes it possible for sales and customer support teams to reduce redundant entries and streamline routine processes, freeing up their time to follow up on the leads Mothernode generates.

Mothernode Enterprise users can continue to rely on Mothernode to invoice their customers and create purchase orders for their vendors. When they are ready, they can transfer those transactions to Xero with minimal effort. Users can perform this process with single records of batch transactions. With this partnership, Mothernode CRM joins other web-based applications as a recognized Xero partner.

“This software integration is especially important to small- and medium-sized businesses,” said Mothernode co-founder and president Ken Pearson. “These businesses often have smaller staffs who have to wear a lot of hats, he said. He concluded, “Anytime we can streamline their workflow, they can zero in on potential new business to help their companies grow. That doesn’t just benefit the company; that benefits the local economy in the area in which our customers do business.”

Mothernode CRM ( enables small- and medium-sized businesses to manage both their customers and their sales processes more efficiently. The company provides powerful software and applications that nurture customer relationships, increase customer and lead engagement, and drive sales.

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