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Top Provider of SaaS Business Solutions, Mothernode Releases Brand New Suite of Services for Its CRM System

Irving, TX – January 12, 2017 – Mothernode has just announced the release of a brand new suite for their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to help businesses generate more leads through their events. The new suite, CRM Event Registration, integrates the full event promotion and registration process into their easy-to-use customer management service, allowing users to promote their events, track customer data, and offer attendees an effortless registration process.

Events have become a popular tool for businesses to increase brand awareness and boost sales, especially for small to medium sized businesses. From direct-to-consumer brands who want to create buzz with in-house special events to B2B businesses who use speaking events to engage with clients, events are a popular and effective marketing tool.

“We wanted to help our clients who rely on event registration to gain more leads out of their marketing and promotion efforts with a streamlined, robust suite. Now our customers have everything they need to turn their events into excellent lead nurturing opportunities,” says Ken Pearson, Mothernode President and Co-founder. “We’ve already had a lot of positive feedback for Event Registration; our customers are excited about just how much this part of our software can do.”

The new module allows CRM customers to completely customize their events with multiple pricing options, unique branding capabilities, curriculums and graphics, and the ability to limit registration and display cancellations or sold out events. This makes it easier than ever for SMBs to create and promote their meetings, training classes, luncheons, and other events, inviting people online and then tracking leads through the entire process, all from their existing CRM.

Users can utilize Mothernode’s Digital Marketing features along with Event Registration for online promotion and keep registered attendees up-to-date with important news for each upcoming event. Thinking of everything that their customers could benefit from, the new suite also includes a Certification module for CRM customers who offer certifications to those who attend their events, making it easy to automate the renewal process and keep track of past attendees.

To help businesses who maintain ongoing events, Mothernode’s Event Registration includes features to allow customers to create profiles not just for attendees, but also for trainers, keynote speakers, and other individuals who take part in their events. The software makes it easy to create unlimited events and to duplicate events.

Mothernode customers can choose from over 30 payment processing services to use when processing registration payments, ensuring attendees can access their preferred payment options. Attendees will also be able to add events they register for to their iCal, Outlook, and Google calendars, and utilize Google maps for easy event directions.

The new event registration module will be available through most of the Mothernode CRM editions at no additional cost.

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A leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, Mothernode offers dynamic, easy-to-use, and comprehensive business applications to help today’s SMBs grow. Designed to allow users to automate key tasks, Mothernode customers are able to streamline their workflow and boost productivity.

Mothernode ERP is the company’s flagship product, a robust system to help businesses improve all business processes. Mothernode CRM is one of the top CRM systems available today, offering businesses a powerful tool to help nurture leads, drive sales, and increase customer engagement. This business solution offers a full suite of modules to improve customer relationships and empower businesses to do more with their sales, customer, and marketing processes.



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