Mothernode CRM Updates – May 2017 (Release 20177a)

Release Notes May 2017

Date: May 27, 2017

Release (20171A)

Mothernode customers should take note of the following important changes and updates now available in their Mothernode account. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements, workflow changes and bug fixes.

  • New Interface and Functionality
    • Menus have changed and updated to be tablet and mobile device friendly.
    • Users can now access their recent activity from main navigation (formerly only accessible from the home screen)
    • Global search. You can now search for anything, anywhere in the application using the global search. Results appear in a new screen and will display all customers, contacts, leads & opportunities and transactions relative to CRM edition.
    • Calendar icon in the main navigation lets users quickly access their calendar (new).


  • A new calendar module has been added that lets users see their internal event calendar as well as calendars for their colleagues. User can still access this information in iCal or Outlook.
  • Calendar tabs and functionality have been added to Customers, Contacts and Leads & Ops. Blue events pertain to the record, grey events are for other records.
  • Calendar rules: New calendar rules will not display the calendar for subscribed users if they are part of the same event


  • Contact Searching now includes phone number lookup and email address. One-click search added. When searching in any list, now clicking the suggested search results will take you right to the record. This is available in all modules with Lists.
  • Contact search field now allows for searching for contacts by email addresses.
  • Notification sounds have been added. Users can toggle them on/off in the notification log list (top right).
  • Determine your start screen. Users can now pre-define their start screen, from within user profile settings.
  • When creating new versions of quotes, files attached to the previous quote can now be included with the new version. This option is automatically selected and can be disabled at the transaction level in the FILE tab.
  • Sequence Updates
    • New sequence rules have been added for leads and opportunities, customers, contacts, events and misc.
    • Run on sequences were added. Users can now control if a sequence has definite end or can run on indefinitely. Unless the sequence is tagged as Run On, then after the last message is delivered it will end.
    • Minor enhancements and modifications
  • Emails for new leads and cases have been updated.
  • You can now reassign a quote to a Lead and Opportunity. Previously you could only reassign to another customer account.
  • ‘Do not send if data is null’; custom report setting.  If the custom report does not have any data to report on, and is automatically set to send out emails, the email will not be sent if there is no data to report
  • Advanced search/Custom report options added for ‘Note’ tab; ‘reference’, ‘category’, and ‘text’ can now be searched and reported on.
  • Adding ‘Unit Price’ option to Products and Services
  • Resort and Edit Entries
    • Resort screens and edit entries have been combined in all transactions.
    • Users can now resort sub items.
  • Pre-event and post event email reminders and follow-ups have been added to Events.
  • Misc. fixes and enhancements.
  • New interface enhancements will continue to be added throughout the following weeks

– The Mothernode Team


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