Mothernode CRM MailChimp Integration

For organizations with any kind of online marketing strategy, MailChimp really is a must. This handy application enables you to build mailing lists and construct email marketing campaigns that suit your business, and it integrates directly with your existing Mothernode CRM platform.

Integrating MailChimp Using Existing Mothernode Subscription

Providing that you have a Mothernode subscription, integrating the two pieces of software is easy. Within Mothernode, click on the Admin tab and then click on API Connections in the bottom right corner of the menu. Here, you should see a tab already set up for configuring integration with MailChimp. Click this tab, click connect, and then log into your MailChimp account when prompted to link the two applications.

Build Email Marketing Campaigns Directly from the CRM

  • Smart mailing-list building in only a few clicks
  • Direct integration for increased efficiency
  • Set up different lists for different campaigns

Integrating in this way streamlines the process of building your email marketing campaigns. You can add customer contact information and emails stored within Mothernode directly to a MailChimp campaign with only a few clicks of the mouse. Users simply need to ensure that MailChimp is properly connected to Mothernode, then click on the record for the customer, lead or prospect within the CRM software. You will then see the MailChimp option within the contact menu; select this option to transfer the contact information between the applications.

Send Contact Information Direct to Mailing List

It is probable that you will have several different mailing lists stored within the mailing list application, spread across a number of different marketing campaigns. This poses no problem in terms of integration; once MailChimp is connected, the API menu within Mothernode CRM will enable you to send the contact information directly to the appropriate mailing list or campaign.

No Download Required

  • MailChimp is already built into the CRM
  • Single-direction information transfer only
  • No extra cost to the user

In addition, users do not even need to download the third party MailChimp application, as it is already built into the Mothernode CRM architecture. When users click on the MailChimp tab in Mothernode’s API Connections menu, they will be presented with instructions via the platform’s API module. This makes it even easier for Mothernode users to connect their Customer Relationship Management software to their email marketing campaigns and to get the very best out of both applications. While information can be quickly and easily sent from Mothernode to MailChimp, this transfer is not possible in reverse, and any information which is altered or edited in either program will remain unchanged within the other application.

Available at No Extra Cost

Full integration with the powerful MailChimp application is available to Mothernode subscribers at no extra cost, and the third party application adds a valuable extra dimension to the functionality of the CRM. If users encounter any issues or problems during integration or while using the applications together, they can contact our support team directly via this link://


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