Mothernode Offers New Competitively Priced CRM Plan Exclusively for Startups

IRVING, TEXAS, USA, January 25, 2018  — Spurred on by a hot economy, many Americans have chucked their corporate jobs to start the business of their dreams. Yet as any startup founder knows, the first few years are bound to be lean. Enter Mothernode. A Texas-based customer relationship management (CRM) software company. Mothernode has created an exclusive CRM plan to help those new businesses accelerate their growth during their crucial first years.

Although Mothernode’s traditional customer base is small companies with minimum user requirements, this new plan zeroes in on the needs of startups. It offers a single-user account to startups and solopreneurs who need a quality CRM that will grow as their business does. This single plan includes everything a startup requires to manage sales and customer service, including sales management, leads, opportunities, customer management, reporting, and marketing automation, just to name a few. It even gives Salesforce users the ability to import their data into their Mothernode account.

This startup-exclusive plan includes everything that comes with Mothernode’s popular Sales and Marketing Edition. It comes with a generous digital marketing plan that includes 5,000 emails with unlimited contacts. Best of all says Mothernode co-founder and President, Ken Pearson, it comes at a price point unheard of in the CRM market—only available in the startup version.

Of this bold move, Pearson says, “Just like Apple puts their technology in schools for young people to grow on, we want to get our technology into young companies so we can grow with them.” He continues, “We have customers of all sizes, from 100 thousand to 100 million in annual revenue. If we can help a startup accelerate their growth with everything our CRM is capable of offering, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

Pearson points out that other products aimed at startups, such as MailChimp, charge as much as $50 per month just to send 5,000 emails. With Mothernode’s new product, startups not only get that number of emails but a complete mid-market CRM as well—all for only an extra nine dollars. This kind of technology, Pearson says, is a breakthrough at this price. As he points out, “Companies usually pay thousands of dollars a year to help automate their processes. With this program, startups can enjoy cutting-edge technology for way less, giving them a running head start in their ventures.”

Mothernode plans to offer the Startup edition throughout 2018. It will pay close attention to the success stories that its startup customers will enjoy when they jumpstart their business with the program. A complete listing of the new edition’s features and capabilities is available on the company’s sales and marketing webpage, // Startups may sign up for the new program at //

Mothernode CRM ( enables small- and medium-sized businesses to manage both their customers and their sales processes more efficiently. The company provides powerful software and applications that nurture customer relationships, increase customer and lead engagement, and drive sales.

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