Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – July 26, 2014

New Updates
Date: July 26, 2014

July 2014 – Release (3A)
Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. These release notes include new features, enhancements and fixes for all Mothernode products. Check your Mothernode edition or ask your administrator to learn more about which of these items apply to you.

My Interactions
A significant update was made to the my interactions content displayed on the home page. Previously, users would see activities they created, now they will also see activities created by other users they were tagged in as well.

New Labeling for Ship/Install/Completed.
Customers who do not ship product now have the opportunity to relabel the shipping tab with alternative options for different business models. The work flow will remain the same, however the terminology used throughout their Mothernode account can be modified in the company profile/system defaults. You can now select from Shipping (default), Install, Ship/Install and Completed.

Save + Add
New features were added to Freeform items and Products and Services that allow you to remain in the light window to continuously add more items.

Transaction Notes
Updates were made so that Header Notes in any record will be available in all corresponding records, regardless if they are the parent or child record.

Adding Inventory Items
When adding inventory to quotes, orders, etc and selecting to add related items as sub items, they will automatically be flagged to ‘include in print’.

Deposit Invoices
New search filters have been added to the deposit invoices listing module that will let users find records quicker.

Time Zones
Times Zone settings have been added to the user’s profile and automatically inherit the TZ from the company profile. This corrects an issue that was causing users to see incorrect data + time stamps in events and notes. Previously CST was the only TZ displayed. If your TZ is incorrect, you can update it in My Account/ Profile Tab. All date and time stamps, regardless of which TZ they were created in, will display the timestamp according to the session user’s TZ.

Case Notes
When creating transactions from cases, the Case Reference and Description are automatically applied as the first note in the record header, along with the case number. These notes will also carry forward down to the final invoice.

Activity Feed
Updates were made in the Activity Feed to include additional record information about the activities within the list. A fix was implemented that displayed duplicate activities within the listing when multiple users were tagged. All record links in the activity feed are now clickable.

Modifications were made to Tasks displayed in customers, contacts, leads/opportunities and vendors that will display the contents of completed tasks. Completed tasks are still pushed to the bottom of the list.

Misc. Enhancements and Fixes

  • Users can now export their entire order history to an XLS file for an inventory item in addition to printing a list. This is accomplished in the order history tab in the inventory record.
  • An issue with deleted tasks being included with a custom report has been resolved.
  • Work Orders appearing in recent activity now display the reference and customer information.
  • H and W have been added to the default description created by the pricing calculator.
  • Production Overview links to accessing records were including open orders, but were reporting correctly only on orders in production. Records being displayed when accessed now omit open orders.
  • When canceling and opportunity any quotes attached will automatically be tagged with a status of lost. This already happens with opportunities that are lost.
  • An issue was resolved that prevented users who were invited to calendar events from setting their own reminder time.
  • In the customer profile/contacts tab, the contact’s title was added to the right of their name to easily identify them in larger lists.
  • Replies that are posted in Dialogue™ and transaction notes now include date + timestamp.
  • Deposit received status is now also available under various transactions tab, not just in the quote or order header.
  • When a dollar value is added to a lead Opportunity Value Field it will automatically convert the record to an opportunity.
  • Users can re-attach opportunities to other customers, in the event they accidentally attach their opportunity to the wrong customer.
  • Potential value was removed from opportunities.
  • Users can now use edit entries for inventory items without having to edit the item to make a change.
  • Work Order system defaults can now been applied so T&Cs will automatically appear on new work orders.
  • Misc fixes.

-The Mothernode Development Team


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