Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – June 8, 2014

New Updates
Date: June 8, 2014

June 2014 – Release (2A)
Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes. These release notes include new features, enhancements and fixes for all Mothernode products. Check your Mothernode edition or ask your administrator to learn more about which of these items apply to you.



  • In all transactional modules, like Quotes, Orders, POs, etc. You can now search for Item Name and Item Description using the advanced search.
  • On the homepage users can now create a new Opportunity, Customer, Contact, Quote or Case, without having to go to the module. (Cases available in limited editions)
  • Display issue was corrected when displaying the default tax value on screen.
  • Users can now post comments in the activity feed.
  • Users can now sort columns in the shipping log screen.
  • Users can now print packing slips in the shipping log screen.
  • A nag screen was added to prevent users from accidentally overwriting saved searches.
  • A link to related records was added to the task list, so you can access the record the task belongs to.
  • Additional time tracking reports were added to cases.
  • Browser spell check was added to email templates and email messages.
  • Locations have been added to custom fields.
  • Minor interface updates were made in vendors, contacts and customers.
  • Minor updates were made to standard reports to make them easier to read.
  • Users can now undo their Infusionsoft Import.
  • Modifications were made to custom reports that improve viewing.



  • In the customer listing the office assigned to the customer (in multi-office setup) has been removed. You now need to filter on the office to see which customers are filed in that office.
  • The Primary customer contact’s email address appears in the customer list. Click the link to send email via your default email client, and click the email button to use the Mothernode email system.
  • The summary tab was removed from the customer profile and replace with a redesigned transactions tab that allows users to quickly navigate through transaction options available in their Mothernode Edition.
  • The primary contact’s mobile number was added to the customer profile when adding a customer.
  • You can now ‘add’ and associated contact from the associated contacts tab.
  • When you change a customer address, the contacts address will also update if set accordingly.
  • Custom fields that are assigned in custom tabs will no longer display in the general edit of the customer profile.
  • The primary contact’s Mobile number has been added to the Customer Import.
  • File upload was added to the contact profile.
  • A new Notes Tab was added to the customer profile. You can make notes directly in the customer profile, but this is also a general repository for all notes made in customer’s transactions, such as quotes, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Customer import now includes notes and the created date of the record.
  • Misc. improvements and fixes.


Transaction Updates

  • You can now change the customer on a quote to another customer AND a prospect company in your Leads and Opportunities.
  • Admins now have the option to enable or disable the user’s signature on POs.
  • Transaction record number have been added to the browser tabs.
  • Shipping method has been added to work orders.
  • Users now have the option to print quotes without grand totals.
  • New features were added to the work orders that display partial completion. PO receiving process was replicated in the work order module.
  • Completion button was added work order that will automatically complete all line items.
  • Descriptions and meta data were added to uploaded files.
  • Number of record exported in a batch file for QuickBooks is now included.
  • A standard report for invoices by county was added in the invoice module.
  • Users now have new options when creating deposit invoices which give them the ability to include line items with an assigned total or total the value of the line items for the deposit amount.


  • The Inventory module has been updated with new features and interface.
  • New tab system provides easier mobility in the inventory module.
  • The standard import mapping capabilities have been added to the inventory module that will allow users to map imports for external pricing lists from their vendors.
  • It’s now easier to update pricing in inventory.
  • The categories field has been changed to Tags, allowing users to group products that are displayed as suggested related items when adding inventory to a quotes, orders or POs
  • There was an issue the prevented users from deleting inventory notes. This has been resolved.
  • An issue that displayed additional decimal places onscreen, in the inventory module has been corrected.


Misc Fixes

  • Users tagged in case notes will received notifications. Previously they were not.
  • An issue with navigating cases using the next and previous did not work correctly when browsing records from saved searches. This has been resolved.
  • Market Segments in the Quotes was added.
  • Searching Leads Description was added to the Leads and Opportunities module.
  • An issue with Constant Contact connections breaking was producing an error when accessing linked customers. This has been resolved. This only occurred when users removed their Constant Contact API Key. (This issue also existed with the Infusionsoft APIs)
  • An issue with notifications not appearing in some instances was corrected.
  • When using Mothernode’s internal email system there was a permissions issue that was prevent to responder’s email from being filed within the Dialogue events. This has been corrected.
  • Some production orders extra spaces were being displayed on screen. This has been resolved.
  • There was an issue with customer alerts not appearing in opportunities. This has been resolved.

-The Mothernode Development Team


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