Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – September 6, 2013

New Updates
Date: September 6, 2013

September 2013 – Release (3A)
Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Overview

Release 3A includes several enhancements to the recent Work Order module, as well as to Inventory / Add Inventory Window.

Work Order
Several new features have been added to the Work Order module to enhance the usability. Some features include adding the ability to print off the Work Order Task List, as well as create a PO from the Work Order.

Add Inventory Window
The Add Inventory Window interface has been reworked for usability. User now have access to three dynamic search fields instead of the multiple static search fields. The defaults for the new dynamic fields can be set in the System Defaults from the Administration Tab.

Users will also notice that the search results now appear in a scrollable window, eliminating previous pagination issues.

Inventory Up-Sell
Inventory items can now take advantage of the new Up-Sell feature. Inventory items can now be linked to other inventory items and flagged as Recommended, or Suggested for inclusion as a line item, or a sub-item. Up-Sell items will appear below the originating item within the Add Inventory Window.



  • An issue with HTML coding displaying in the description fields has been correcting.
  • The Categories field within Inventory Items has been updated to use new tagging technology.

Work Order

  • A navigation issue where users were brought to the PO tab when canceling a new Work Order has been corrected.
  • The Order Reference has been added to the Printed Work Order.
  • When creating a Work Order from an Order, the QTY field is now modifiable.
  • A navigation issue found with Orders with multiple Work Orders has been corrected.
  • The Order Reference and Create Date was added to the Advanced Search and Custom Reports for Work Orders.
  • The label Shipping Address has been updated to read Service Address in the printed Work Order.
  • Users now have an option to choose whether or not to include pricing in the printed Work Order.
  • From within the Order, the header in the Work Order tab includes Scheduled Dates, Assigned To, Status and Completed Date.
  • A Priority field has been added to the Work Order.
  • Users now have an option to create a Work Order from the PO.
  • Users are now able to print a task list from the Work Order. This can be used as a ToDo list or checklist.
  • When a Work Order is created from an Order, it will now be populated by the Billing/Shipping Address information from the Order, not the customer.

Leads & Opportunities

  • When creating a new Lead/Opportunity, the Assigned To now defaults to the current application user.
  • The pricing tier is now available for selection from the Lead/Opportunity.

Quotes & Orders

  • The PO Badge in the Quote and Order has been fixed to display the number of records available.
  • Users can now modify the default pricing tier from the Quote or Order header. Changing the default pricing tier, will only effect new items added to transaction, it will not change the pricing of already existing items.
  • The Add Item – Inventory screen has been updated for ease of use;
    • The search criteria fields have been stream lined from the multiple static field format, to three dynamic search criteria fields. The default criteria for these fields can be selected in the Systems Defaults, found in the Administration tab.
    • The search criteria fields are now auto populate fields.
    • Pagination has been removed from the window, all results populate a single, scrollable window.
    • Users can now add items from the selection window, without leaving the selection window.
    • Available Quantities now display within the item.
  • Users can now take advantage of the Inventory Up-Sell feature within inventory items. From the inventory item, users can select other inventory items from the Up Sell tab to display with the primary item as Suggested or Recommended Up Sell items.
  • Line item notes can now be deleted.
  • Line item notes now pass to POs and Work Orders created from an Order.
  • Transactional documents have been updated, removing the light blue gradient and replacing it with white text on black background.


  • An option to select to include all has been added to Webforms. By default, no selections are checked.


  • A record navigation issue found when Contacts were filtered has been corrected.


  • Badges have to added to module tabs within Cases.
  • An issue with Contacts with apostrophes was corrected.
  • Navigation issues within the File tab were corrected.
  • The default search option now is independent from the filtered results; the default search will be applied to all records.
  • The Close Date has been added to the selectable Advanced Search criteria.


  • In Custom Reports, the Sum Operand was relabeled to read “Total”. When used, the custom report will include a Grand Total, totaling the Group Totals for the report.
  • An issue with Pagination when used in conjunction with the Advanced Search options has been corrected.
  • A record navigation issue found when Contacts were filtered has been corrected.
  • An issue displaying MS Characters has been corrected.
  • An issue found when searching for a specific vendor from the Add Inventory window has been corrected.

-The Mothernode Development Team


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