Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – November 3, 2013

New Updates
Date: November 4, 2013

November 2013 – Release (4A)

Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Release Overview

Release 4A includes minor updates to enhance usability and navigation, as well as the option to integrate with the third party marketing application Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing automation tool. Users with an Infusionsoft account, can now sync contacts between the two platforms, and manage contact assigned marketing campaigns from within Mothernode. API management can be found in the Administration tab within Mothernode.



  • A new tool tip feature has replaced the standard search fields. Users will now find a word balloon when mousing over search fields, instructing them on available options.
  • The auto-complete mechanic has been updated on all standard searches. Once a user enters the required minimum of three characters, they will be presented potential results based on search category. Users will then be able to navigate the selection up or down and select the desired record by hitting the return key.
  • Users now have more options available to them for multi search criteria (e.g. searching for a PO by Vendor Name or Customer Name).
  • Date selections have been updated throughout the application. The new date selection tool will allow users to manually type in a date without having to navigate to the date first.
  • A new tagging system has been implemented in Notes and Events fields when including a user for notification.
  • An issue where the former Service Order was still being created upon creating of the Order has been corrected.
  • Within transactions, the secondary transaction number that was displayed above the header in green, has been replace by the transaction reference.


  • Users can now create custom fields for Vendor profiles. As with other custom fields, they can be made available in the Advanced Options feature for reporting purposes.
  • Custom Fields can now be grouped as desired by the user. User can also choose to have specified Custom Fields/Groups displayed in a modifiable tab in records such as Leads and Customer profile. The option to do so can be found by selecting the groups option from the Custom Field module from the Administration tab.

Advanced Search/Custom Reports

  • Users now have the option to choose to receive automated reports in an HTML format, or as XLS spreadsheets.

Lead Capture Forms

  • When working in a Web Form, users will find that the selected values are now pushed to the top of the page for ease of use.
  • Users can now easily bulk add or deselect values for use by using the Select: All | None options found at the top of the column.
  • Additional email addresses can now be assigned as BCC recipients within the Web Form.
  • Processing activity is now displayed when submitting a form.
  • Form Height and Width are now automated within the form.
  • The Individual (Y/N) field as been added to the selection options for Web Forms.

Leads & Opportunities

  • Users now have the ability to update the assigned pricing tier in the Quote and Order. When updated, all Inventory items with an associated pricing tier will be updated to selected tier.
  • When a Quote is created in a Prospect Lead, the Primary Contact will default in the relevant contact fields in the Quote header.

Quotes & Orders

  • Quotes can now be reassigned to a Lead Prospect. Following the standard procedure for reassigning a Quote, users will be presenting with an option to search fro a Lead Prospect along with a Customer Name.
  • Users now have the ability to update the assigned pricing tier in the Quote and Order. When updated, all Inventory items with an associated pricing tier will be updated to selected tier.
  • An error was found in the Proposal Templates, allowing users to submit a proposal template with no description. The Description field is now required.
  • Deposit Invoices have been modified so that users can now update the invoice date, as well as update the document title to what ever is required.

Purchase Orders

  • The add Inventory Item mechanic was updated to accommodate the new add inventory window. Adjustments were made to the displayed information, the Line Item discount, and Item Name.
  • When creating a note in a PO, the Vendor Name is now included with the PO No. reference in the note. This information will be available from the note from the Order as well.
  • When creating a note in a PO, the option to include the Work Order with a standard alert is now available.

Work Orders

  • The Work Order was updated to use the associated pricing found in the Order for Inventory Items, instead of the values found in inventory.
  • When creating a note in a Work Order, the option to include the Order or Ready for Invoice is now available.


  • The fields available in the Advanced Options have been increased for both Searching and Batch Updating options.
  • Selection options have been added to the inventory list (Select: All | None – Show: Selected | Omitted).


  • A time tracking option has been added to Cases. Users can enter a time value and run reports by Customer and Case Assignee.


  • An issue found when attempting to subscribe to calendars of users from other locations was corrected.
  • Within the Contact record, users now have the ability to populate the contacts address information with the default Customer location information.

-The Mothernode Development Team


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