UPS Online Shipping Integration

All your shipping done in one application. Shipping has never been easier.

Mothernode UPS Online Shipping Integration

Mothernode’s platform is designed to streamline business by reducing workloads, speeding up processes, minimizing losses and boosting efficiency. That’s why Mothernode supports full integration with UPS’ Online Shipping, cutting out the middleman and enabling you to schedule automatic deliveries for every order.


It’s features like these which make Mothernode such a great fit for small to medium sized businesses. By streamlining the distribution and logistics aspect of a small business, Mothernode frees up valuable resources and working hours that can be better deployed elsewhere within an organization, boosting efficiency across the board.


UPS Online Integration lets you accomplish the following, right from within your Mothernode Account.

  • Ship directly using UPS within your Mothernode shipping process.
  • Print thermal labels from Mothernode.
  • Get access tracking information.
  • Send tracking numbers to you customers.
  • Select your shipping method
  • Choose your package type.


Top 5 Benefits

1. Faster Manual Processes

One of Mothernode’s key aims is to simplify your business processes. By linking up with UPS Online, we go some way to achieving this. As you don’t need to jump between systems in order to ship an item via UPS Online, the fully integrated Mothernode platform greatly speeds up the shipping process for manually inputted orders.


2. More Effective Automation

As well as speeding up manual processes, Mothernode’s partnership with UPS Online expedites automated processes too. By integrating fully with your ordering process, Mothernode lets UPS’ order automation technology work its magic, distributing orders to your customers and giving you everything you need to manage and track orders from your Mothernode account.


3. Better Control Over Shipments

Mothernode works with UPS Online to give you better control over the shipments you send out. Whether you want to group orders to the same address into one shipment, or create multiple shipments for a single order, you can accomplish this with Mothernode.


4. Increased Functionality

If you need to access UPS tracking numbers, print end of day reports or even print thermal labels, Mothernode can handle all of these tasks for you. By bringing a myriad of features together in one handy, intuitively-designed platform, Mothernode provides time-saving and efficiency-boosting solutions to the problems faced by SMBs.


5. Multiple Data Sources – One Platform

Mothernode’s CRM software delivers the data you need to operate your company, with the minimum of disruption to your daily business practices. This is why Mothernode provides instant and simple access to UPS shipping options, volume reports, preferential rates and more, directly from the central CRM platform itself.


Mothernode/UPS integration

Important: Log into your Mothernode Account to Download print servers for Mac and Windows

  1. Login to Mothernode
  2. Access the Administration Module
  3. Click API Connections inthe Amdin Menu
  4. Click Shipping
  5. In the UPS Tab, scroll to the bottom to the LABELS section
  6. Click on the print server to download.

Setup and Installation

To enable the UPS shipping integration, please ensure that you have a My UPS user profile with an active UPS shipping account associated with it. The XML Access Key is also supplied by UPS and must be requested by logging into your My UPS user account.

Mothernode Setup:

(Admins Only) Enable UPS Shipping within Mothernode by navigating to Administration and selecting the API Connections option.
From the API Connection page, select the Shipping tab, and click the Enable UPS Shipping checkbox. Populate the fields outlined below to complete the setup.

Account Info

These fields are used to connect Mothernode to your UPS shipping account.

Shipper Info

These fields are for your personal shipping details (i.e. where you ship from).


These fields control your shipment specifications.


These fields control the label printing.


Print Server:

When printing is done directly from the computer in use, the print server should be set to: localhost:8080

When printing to another computer on your network, you must use the unique IP address assigned to that machine. Your network administrator will be able to supply you with this information if you are unsure. – Print Server Setup:

The installation file for the print server is provided by Mothernode.

  1. Place .exe file into your Windows Startup folder
  2. Run the executable to start the print server
  3. Once running, your browser should automatically open to http://localhost:8080/ and you should now see the logo. If your browser does not open automatically, open your browser manually and enter the URL above to see if you see the logo. This will confirm if the print server is running.
  4. From the page, click the Menu option to set your label printer
  5. Now your print server has been set up and is ready to for use

Setting up your UPS Online API

Everything you need to do to get started. Even if you have a UPS online account you need to follow these setup instructions to get access to your UPS API.

Connecting Mothernode to UPS online

Once you have successfully setup your UPS online account you are ready to connect your Mothernode CRM account and install label maker print drivers.

Accessing UPS services in Mothernode

See how to access your UPS account data and rates directly from Mothernode CRM. Users can see how to ship product directly from Mothernode using their UPS account.