Build Lasting Relationships

Increase customer retention by delivering a world-class re-ordering experience built around your client’s sign program. Enhance your customers’ signage re-ordering process with Customer Connect®- Mothernode’s online signage program management and ordering solution.

Create a personalized ordering experience

Mothernode’s sign designer lets you create signage with signing parameters for your storefront. Deliver a one-of-a-kind, personalized ordering experience that lets your customer know how much you truly value their business. Mothernode lets you create customizable signage products that are as unique as your clients. 

  • Drag and drop text field overlays
  • Add text shadowing to simulate raised graphics
  • Assign text properties specific to sign plans
  • Add unique graphic options for each sign, such as symbols and arrows
  • Create custom graphic groups that maintain brand consistency
  • Upload custom SVG files and Fonts
  • Preview the signing experience in storefront view
  • Assign signage to all or specific location
What you see is what you get!

Mothernode lets your customers order from their customized signage program with an easy-to-use, impressive experience that lets them see their messages and selections come to life onscreen and guides them through the checkout process.

  • Add character limitations to prevent overrun
  • Add graphic options defined specifically for their program
  • Add restrictive parameters to enforce branding and consistency
  • Add custom fonts and graphics that match their branding
  • Provide visual aids and helpers to provide guidance.
Asset Management Solution

Start with Mothernode’s stock assets and expand your library with your own assets, then begin creating groups and combinations that can be repurposed across all your sign programs.

  • Upload your own SVG files to expand your asset library
  • Add single and multi-colored assets
  • Create asset groups, such as arrows or restroom symbols
  • Tag assets for easy searching and filtering
  • Assign assets to market segments, such as hospitality, travel, etc.
  • Upload custom fonts to your asset library

“Forecasting is very difficult, especially when it involves the future..” 

 – Yogi Berra

That’s why Mothernode presents you with usable visuals that deliver meaningful insights that can help you better navigate your future.
Customize your dashboards
A truly unique experience

By building a truly unique storefront for each buyer you’re demonstrating the enormous value you provide them over the competition.
Automate your re-order process

Without Mothernode, re-orders can be an administrative burden. Increase efficiencies and reduce costs by automating your processes for repeat buyers.
WIP Visibility

Mothernode customers can provide real-time order updates onscreen, so customers can stay on top of where their product is in the ordering process.

Popular Features

Customize Each Experience

Provide your customers with a convenient, customized buying experience by creating unique, personalized storefronts that enable them to quickly and easily re-order their signage products.

Add Custom Graphics and Symbols

Your customers can quickly personalize their graphics and product selections with distinct branding and design elements that includes unique symbols and pictograms specific to their signage program.

Upload Custom Fonts

Support your customer’s brand by letting them add messages that are displayed with their own custom fonts. Let them preview the finished result of their product, with the right fonts.

Personalize your Customers’ store

Give every customer a tailored buying journey with an individualized storefront experience. Enhance their engagement and satisfaction by providing a personalized product selection for each of them!

Assign location-based signage

Create location-based storefronts that include unique products for customers that have individual signage needs for each one of their locations or projects.

Give customers secure access

Proceed with confidence. Give your customers peace of mind when they securely access their storefronts and manage their sign program online. 

Order Online 24-7-365

Give your customers the convenience of accessing their storefront to review order status and place new orders, on their schedule.

Easily create storefronts for customers

Quickly create new customer storefronts using their own products. Adding users is a sinch, so they can get started and manage their own accounts.

Ensure accuracy on every order

Real-time previews allow your customers to see each sign as it will appear once delivered, giving them the confidence to accurately order their signage every time.

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Copyright 2023 Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 - Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved