Inventory Management

Manage your traditional inventory and BOM components used for manufacturing and even items you don’t carry.
Versatile inventory management

For some businesses, inventory requirements can be basic. But for manufacturers, managing inventory used to fabricate custom products can be tricky. That’s why Mothernode provides different options for different inventory items.

  • Auto-deduct inventory when Sales Orders are processed
  • Auto-replenish inventory when Purchase Orders are received
  • Create Bundles for items typically sold together
  • Build Finished Goods using inventory BOM component
  • See when stock alerts are low
  • Create partial shipments for partial payments (invoices)
  • Add non-stock items to your inventory for quick ordering

Take charge of your inventory management

Successful operations depend on a well-managed inventory. Mothernode helps you keep track of your business’s stock and ensures you’re able to deliver products and services efficiently, with minimal waste or disruption in fulfilling your orders.
Easily Update Pricing

Pricing updates are a certainty in any industry. Whether you need to update your own pricing or vendor pricing within your inventory, Mothernode gives you the ability to make the necessary changes to your current product costs, markup and more.
Add Construction Details

For manufactured goods, Mothernode lets you add construction drawings or design specifications to your inventory items to ensure manufacturing consistency every time without the hassle.
Build Pre-configured Products

Add build options to your finished goods such as labor, materials and workflows so you have everything you need to accurately estimate and build your products.

Popular Features

Import Vendor Product

You may not stock it or make it, but if someone else does then no problem! Mothernode lets you import vendor stock as non-stock items for easy ordering. With just a few clicks you can create and save custom mapping to import (and update) vendor products.

Receive Automated Stock Reports

Mothernode’s report automation features come in handy for those looking to routinely maintain stock levels. Create customizable reports that are emailed to you, indicating stock that needs attention. Onscreen visual aids also signal items that need attention.

Add Products and Materials

Keeping your inventory up-to-date is important for maintaining efficiency. Mothernode makes sure all essential parts, components and materials are accounted for so you can keep track of what needs replenishing!

Stock and Manage Equipment

Mothernode lets you manage your heavy equipment within your inventory so you can easily keep track of when it’s being used in the field or in the shop. Filter your Work Order calendar to check availability.

Order Tracking

Mothernode makes tracking all your customers who purchase any item a breeze. Ideal for warranty issues and product alerts, Mothernode lets you segment buyers based on order history.

Real-time Adjustments

Whether you are selling products or replenishing them when receiving inbound stock, Mothernode automatically adjusts stock levels and lets you manually adjust when needed, so your inventory count is always correct.

Add Workflows to Inventory

For non-stock items that require manufacturing every time they’re ordered, Mothernode lets you add workflows to your inventory products for baseline estimating and production scheduling.

Set Pricing Levels

Offer varying price points tailored to your inventory materials and parts – making sure that each of your customers can get pricing specific to their purchasing role.

Multi-Currency Purchasing

Ordering products from other countries? Add multi-currency functionality to your inventory products so you can conveniently create POs using your vendor’s native pricing.

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Copyright 2023 Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 - Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved