Centralized Order Management

Unlock a wealth of features to maximize efficiency, enhance productivity and take control of the entire order cycle!

Everything you need to manage your orders better

Mothernode’s Order Management solution provides businesses with a streamlined approach to fulfilling requests in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Get the control you need to run an effective business – from receiving and confirming orders to tracking deliveries and billing customers – all while saving time, energy, and resources in one centralized platform!

  • Easily add products and services from a variety of sources
  • Quickly add purchase orders from your order line items
  • Create installation work orders for delivery and installs
  • Integrate order shipping with UPS and FEDEX
  • Track each line item as it moves through your workflow
  • Create partial shipments for partial payments (invoices)
  • Integrate online ordering and receive customer orders [Customer Connect Add-on]

Mothernode keeps everyone on the same page

With Mothernode’s all-in-one order management solution, you’ll have improved communication and collaboration between teams for better results.

Inventory Management

Easily add items from your inventory whether you use physical stock, virtual stock, or both. Mothernode inventory gives you a comprehensive breakdown of products so you can be certain every part is included.

Construction Specifications

Add construction drawings or design specifications to your order line items. Provide your team with comprehensive and professional design plans that can be referenced in the build process.

Online Re-Ordering

Mothernode makes it easy for your customers to order from a customized catalog of products. With Mothernode’s Customer Connect add-on, users can quickly setup personalized storefronts for their clients.

Popular Features

Order to Purchase Order

Mothernode lets you effortlessly create Purchase Orders for some or all of your line items, with just a few clicks. You can even add your order line items to existing open purchase orders to take advantage of vendor volume discounts.

UPS and FedEx Integration

When you ship your orders directly from Mothernode, you can simultaneously schedule your product for pickup with UPS & FedEx. You can print your shipping labels directly from Mothernode and each tracking number is conveniently stored within your Mothernode order.

Deposit Invoices

Requiring deposits? Electronically submit deposit invoices to your customers and give them the convenience of processing their payment online via credit card or ACH payments. 

Order to Install Work Order

When orders need to be installed in the field, Mothernode makes the process easy by making the process of creating an installation work order quick and painless. Select the line items you want to add and schedule it on the calendar. Done.

Production Tracking

Handle customer order inquiries easier with Mothernode by viewing a condensed version of Mothernode’s job board. Spotting critical issues and viewing order progress will help give your customer reliable information and better manage their expectations.

Recurring Orders

Mothernode lets you set recurring orders up to automatically send to invoicing at the schedule you set. Never miss a recurring order again.

Change Order Tracking

Change is inevitable, which is why Mothernode keeps track of changes to order line items that are in the process of being fulfilled. With each change made, users and team members are kept aware of important updates so they can respond accordingly.

Submittal Approvals

Shorten artwork and design approval time and turn jobs faster, by giving your customers the convenience of approving their designs and construction details online.


Never miss a beat with automated tasks that help you accomplish important milestone ‘to do’ items, every step of the way. Easily assign tasks to everyone involved at any part of the workflow.

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Mothernode is a revolutionary software solution that delivers both user-friendly simplicity and robust business capabilities – a perfect fit for companies of any size. Get the one platform you’ll need to grow and better manage your business. Start your LIVE DEMO today!

Copyright 2023 Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 - Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved