Manage your Projects in Mothernode

Mothernode puts your large projects at the center of it so you can keep tabs on all the activity track profitability.
Project Folders help you to stay on track and on budget

Stay on top of your work and reach new heights with Mothernode’s Project Folders – a powerful way to arrange data and monitor progress and make sure your profit goals are achieved. Keep your project on track with organized data and clearly defined milestones! Project folders ensure all aspects of the project remain neatly in place.

  • Access all project files from related transactions in one place
  • See all related milestones from multiple sources in one spot
  • Access your project communications in one folder
  • Easily see real-time financial information including gains and losses
  • Collaborate with team members in your projects with Mothernode’s Dialogue® feature
  • View completed work and WIP.
  • Get access to an organized directory of all the key stakeholders

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”

– Benjamin Franklin
Real-time Financial Data

Always know where you stand with your project’s financial goals with Mothernode’s project folders. Compare sales pricing with actual revenue generated for a complete picture of expenses and profits.
Dates and Milestones

With project folders, you’ll always have clarity on your upcoming deadlines and milestones. Easily track due dates for every connected transaction with the intuitive filterable calendar view!
Contact Directory

Always stay connected with project stakeholders – quickly and securely access contacts and communications using organized, integrated project folders.

Popular Features

File Management

No matter the source document, Mothernode makes all your project files, such as designs, artwork, and contracts easily accessible in the project they belong to.


Tasks can be created almost anywhere in Mothernode. Project folders inherit all your tasks from related records and transactions and let you create project-specific ones


Notes are important and can be documented by anyone. Mothernode automatically assembles all notes related to your project, categorizes them, and makes them searchable.

Transaction History

Accurately tabulating the profitability of your projects requires keeping track of all associated transactions – a key metric for gauging success within Project Folders.


Mothernode’s Dialogue® feature gives your team members the ability to communicate important project information to one another, tag users, and archive correspondence.


Easily track and view all shipping activity for every order that’s part of your projects. Stop hunting for the details, they’re all available in one location.

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Mothernode is a revolutionary software solution that delivers both user-friendly simplicity and robust business capabilities – a perfect fit for companies of any size. Get the one platform you’ll need to grow and better manage your business. Start your LIVE DEMO today!

Copyright 2023 Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2023 - Mothernode, LLC. All rights reserved