5 Basic Reasons Companies without CRMs Fail to Achieve Greatness

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CRM is all about customer relationship management. Rather than having to take care of interaction with customers in a manual sense, businesses can use software like Mothernode CRM to automate the process. A CRM is very important for companies that wish to grow and develop, largely because of how easy it makes archiving and sharing your customer interactions.

It is possible to use a CRM to organize customer information; to automate messages and marketing processes; to synchronize sales; to provide customer service and technical support; and to generally create a workflow which takes care of a customers’ every need. Without a CRM, it’s all done manually. Here’s why manual methods are leading companies to fail.

1. Administrative tasks

Whenever there is administration to be done, companies without a CRM will need to employ someone who can carry out the tasks manually. This will lead to huge amounts of wasted time as tasks that could be carried out by a machine require man hours instead. It could also lead to tasks being repeated daily, as well as more time wasted through checking for human errors and repairing them.

Companies should also consider the fact that humans can make errors where a machine cannot. An administrator might end up sending the wrong email to the wrong client or entering customer data incorrectly into the database.

2. Lack of organization

When data is entered manually, it is easy for it to be lost. Imagine the difficulties that could be faced if some data went missing or was never entered onto the system. If companies use multiple databases or different technologies to assist them at various points of the process, then they will also find issues with bringing this data together.

A lack of organization can have two huge side effects. First, they will need to waste time while they try to get all of the information together. Second, they will waste money and possibly miss out on sales opportunities due to the delay and lack of data.

3. Customer service issues

When a company does not have one centralized database, how do they expect to be able to deliver the right level of customer service? They may end up with a customer who is bounced around from person to person thanks to the fact that no notes were made on their account the last time they called for help. Or perhaps the notes were made – but not on a database that others have access to.

They will also see problems with sharing customer information if they do not have it all to hand. This can again lead to delays and lost sales.

4. Delays in service

The delays spoken about so far are nothing compared to the initial delay in obtaining data. If someone needs to add the data to a database manually, or transfer it from one to the other, then this is going to take a significant amount of time. Manual implementation is always going to be slow, and here is the worst part: they cannot do any more work on this customer’s account until it is finished. That means a long wait for part of their process (and for the customer too).

5. Loss of growth

When a company spends so much time dealing with these problems and firefighting, how can they concentrate any resources on the growth of their business? This is a key issue and can cause business growth to slow down or even stop. It can bring development to a halt.

It’s clear by now that CRMs are very important for business growth and for the customer experience. Without a CRM, companies may not be able to deliver the service that their customers expect and deserve.

3 minute read

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