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CRM Case Management: Creating New Cases in your CRM using email!

Not every customer wants to communicate their service issues to you via a special website or customer service portal. Adding to the complexity of their customer service experience can make the situation even more frustrating. That’s why Mothernode CRM let’s you easily create new cases for your customer support requests, by simply emailing or forwarding an email sent by your customer to your Mothernode Account. Poof! New Case Created!

If the person who sent you the support request is already a contact + customer in your Mothernode CRM database, Mothernode will automatically create the case for their customer account and file it for the contact opening the case. If they’re a new Contact to your CRM and don’t exist on file, Mothernode let’s you attach them to an existing Customer account or you can even create a new Customer from the case. It’s that easy.

The Setup

Each Mothernode account has its own email address that corresponds to cases. You can add this email address to your address book or smart phone. Forward all inbound customer service emails to this address and Mothernode will automatically create the case record upon receipt. You can find this address below the resolution field within any Case Record.

Creating the Case

Once you access your Mothernode CRM Case Management Module, you’ll see the newly forwarded case at the top of the list, just like an unread email. Access the record and attach it to an existing customer or create a customer account if it hasn’t automatically attached the contact to one of your existing CRM customer accounts.

CRM Case Management

CRM Case Management has never been easier with Mothernode CRM. Learn how you can take advantage of using Mothernode Cases in this quick tutorial.


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