How to select a CRM for your business

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Sound advice from 4 CRM vendors on how to select a CRM for your business

Watch this valuable panel discussion with CRM vendors as they give advice on how to select a CRM for your business, an informal buyers guide to CRM technology. A must watch for businesses in the market for a new or replacement CRM. Learn some of the fundamental questions you should be asking when talking about your needs with a CRM vendor. Small business often get lost in asking the wrong questions and don’t engage in an adequate discovery process to make the right decision. Long-term contracts and implementation costs can make this an expensive mistake for company.

CRM means many things to different companies. Some are robust some are small and simple. Before you shop for a CRM, determine what your needs are to better narrow your search. Shop multiple vendors, but don’t just look at the product, be sure to evaluate your experience and relationship with the CRM Vendor throughout the evaluation process and include that in your decision on how to select a CRM for your business.

Listen to Mothernode Co-Founder, Ken Pearson and other CRM vendors provide consumers with some helpful advice about how to select a CRM for their business. Here are some key highlights discussed by the panelists in this video.

  1. Before looking at any CRM, determine what your business needs are. What’s important in you current workflow and what else are you looking to do.
  2. Adopting any new technology requires buy-in from everyone who will use it, so include them in the discovery process.
  3. Ultimate needs and systems requirements are a decision that must be made by the leadership team responsible for the overall growth and direction of the company
  4. For best results prepare an RFP for CRM vendors to respond to. Submit it to at least a dozen vendors and use the responses *and response times from your RFP to qualify a shortlist to pursue
  5. Ask questions about their support process. What happens after the sale? What kind of experience you can expect.
  6. Be concise in your explanation of requirements. Anything you leave out in your requirements could cost you more in scope creep.
  7. Be sure to evaluate the product in a demonstration, but be sure to tell your vendor what is most important to you, prior to the demo, so your specific needs are addressed.
  8. After a demo, start your own trial evaluation. Include other future users in your company during the process and notate your questions.
  9. Separate your Needs and Wants.
  10. Determine your short-term needs and long term-requirements
  11. Be prepared to go through a significant change in your company once you adopt. Expect disruption. If you’ve selected the best one for your business you will prevail.
  12. Take advantage of long-term contract discounts.
  13. Ask your CRM vendor for recommendations on how their software can accommodate  your business in other ways.
  14. Determine how much of a consultant your vendor could be to your business processes.

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How to select a CRM

3 minute read

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