Why customers selected Mothernode CRM over the competition

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Mothernode is the perfect cloud-based CRM solution for small to mid-sized businesses who are looking for a reliable way to organize their customers, contacts and sales process. Its easy-to-use interface lets users accomplish more, with less effort. Users can collaborate more effectively using Dialogueâ„¢, a powerful social media style collaboration component that keeps everyone updated on important activities while reducing unnecessary internal communication.

There are multiple Mothernode Editions emphasizing different solutions and capabilities, such as sales and marketing, customer support, lead capture forms, campaign management, cases, quotes or vendor management, to name a few. All editions focus heavily on customer management, placing your relationship history, notes, emails, events and transactions at the center of it all, in a single screen profile. Users can also benefit from email and calendar integration with Outlook, iCal and Google, letting them simultaneously keep track of communications and appointments in the applications they depend on most and in their Mothernode contacts. The Mothernode Mobile platform makes accessing your data, servicing your customers, adding new opportunities and interacting with your team all possible on your IOS, Android and Windows devices, with slick, easy-to-use interface.

Mothernode is one of few CRMs on the market that can include ERP capabilities, such as advanced inventory, order fulfillment and even invoicing. All of this is made possible by adding features from Mothernode ERP when and if required. This is a plus for customers that are looking for a CRM with added workflow or features that traditionally don’t exist in the CRM world. As your business or usage needs expand, customers can grow into different Mothernode modules rather than grow out of the product’s native capabilities, which often requires additional investment in third-party technologies.

Each Mothernode Edition begins with a 5 user minimum. Unlike other CRMs in its class, customers with term agreements can benefit from flexibility of monthly subscriptions and avoid annual balloon payments that can often occur with term renewals.

Quote Signing IpadFor customers that are looking for quoting and proposals, Mothernode rises above any other CRM in its class. Users can produce powerful quotes in minutes and have the option to use our advanced inventory module to add bundles, upsell and recommend products, combine line items to make a single product, version their quotes, export them to QuickBooks and so much more. Mothernode is also one of the only CRMs to offer electronic quote approval, a feature commonly offered in complementary products and add-ons for an additional cost. Let your customer sign quotes from anywhere, including their tablet and smartphone by simply using their finger to scribe their signature.

Mothernode delivers an intuitive interface throughout every module that stimulates easy adoption. In fact, independent studies, based on user feedback have recognized Mothernode to be best in class for ease of use, ease of deployment and overall best value for a CRM in the small and mid-sized business market.

Customer service and support are also at the forefront of our client success stories. Unlike other software titles, each Mothernode CRM customer is assigned their very own Account Manager (1 or more) who will partner with them for the life of their subscription on all term agreements. From implementation through routine support, Mothernode provides our customers with the peace of mind and product experience that can lead them to unlocking the full potential of their CRM.


3 minute read

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