ConstructConnect Insight Sync Services for your CRM

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For anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative to Salesforce when it comes to integrating their ConstructConnect Projects into their CRM.


  • Save over $15,000 on your Insight Sync integration with Mothernode CRM
  • Mothernode’s Insight Sync integration is included at no additional cost with select Mothernode CRM Editions
  • Mothernode CRM is a great alternative to Salesforce when considering ConstructConnect Integrations
  • Slash your CRM technology spending with Mothernode CRM
  • Automatically receive your ConstructConnect projects and updates in your CRM, daily.
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Mothernode’s Insight Sync integration is a powerful tool that allows users to manage their sales process and connect with their prospects, contacts, and customers in the CRM account, without ever having to access their ConstructConnect account. This means that users can now save time and money by using Mothernode Insight Sync to manage their sales process, instead of subscribing to Salesforce and costly annual subscriptions for Salesforce’s Insight Sync integration. Mothernode’s Insight Sync integration offers users the ability to receive their ConstructConnect Projects and updated directly into their CRM account, so they can easily incorporate them into their sales processes and pipeline. Mothernode customers can start using Insight Sync today by contacting their ConstructConnect representative and activating their Insight Sync subscription. ConstructConnect customers can learn more about Insight Sync in this video.

Save Big with Mothernode CRM

Mothernode CRM’s Insight Sync service integration is available to its subscribers at no additional cost, compared to the Salesforce app which starts at $15,000 per year, which is independent of your annual Salesforce subscription, which makes Mothernode CRM a great alternative to Salesforces when it comes to Insight sync integration. Mothernode’s Insight sync subscription saves customers over $15,000 per year in additional subscription fees. ConstructConnect customers can add the Insight Sync subscription to their existing ConstructConnect subscription, which adds automation features that save customers even more time and money. Mothernode CRM is a valuable tool for companies who want to save time and money. Contact your ConstructConnect representative for more information on how to activate your Insight Sync features.

All your sales activities in one place

Mothernode CRM users can now manage all of their sales activity—including their ConstructConnect opportunities—within Mothernode. The integration between Mothernode and ConstructConnect lets users create new opportunities in Mothernode and add the project contacts available in ConstructConnect. Additionally, users can view the contact interactions, project details, and project history for each opportunity. To get started, users simply need to connect their Mothernode and ConstructConnect accounts. Once connected, the Mothernode Insight Sync will automatically sync data between the two platforms. As a result, users will have a complete view of their sales pipeline—from initial contact to closed deal—all in one place.

Work in One System

Mothernode users will find that connecting their accounts with ConstructConnect reduces prospecting time. This means that everything you need is in your Mothernode account, reducing the number of systems you need to access. The Mothernode + ConstructConnect integration gives you the ability to see your customer information, project leads, and projections in one place. You can also create and manage projects from start to finish within Mothernode. This includes the ability to track project milestones, create and assign tasks, add files and attachments, and view project financials. The Mothernode + ConstructConnect integration is a powerful tool that will save you time and increase your productivity.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Mothernode’s integration with ConstructConnect means that your project pipeline data is seamlessly connected and accessible within Mothernode CRM. This allows you to get valuable insights into your sales pipeline and performance, and also enables Mothernode’s advanced reporting features.  The Insight Sync Integration ensures that your Mothernode data is always up-to-date, accurate, and complete, so you can focus on running your business, not managing data.

How to Get Started

Mothernode CRM’s Insight Sync app makes it easy to manage your sales activity, including your ConstructConnect opportunities. With Mothernode, you can view your entire sales pipeline in one place, so you never miss a beat. And with ConstructConnect’s Insight Sync integration, you can easily track your progress on each opportunity and ensure that all of your information is up-to-date. Mothernode makes it easy to close more deals and grow your business. Try Mothernode CRM today.

3 minute read

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