Leverage the power of marketing automation in your CRM workflows

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Marketing automation capabilities with an effective customer relationship management platform creates an unstoppable business machine.

Marketing AutomationFinding a CRM that has the world class capabilities you need when it comes to salesforce and marketing automation is a tall order for nearly any product. Most software solutions available can usually exceed expectations in one area, but often fall short in the others.

Infusionsoft is a brilliant marketing program that delivers powerful and intelligent marketing workflows that can automate not only your sales process, but any workflow you have that integrates with your customers, contacts and even vendors. If you find yourself (*your company, department, division, etc) spending far too much time in routine communication processes, either dispatching emails in the engagement process to share information, make introductions and stimulate interest in your offering, or whether you just want to stay in touch with customers after the sale with future offers or valuable news, Infusionsoft delivers advanced communication tools that automate virtually any engagement process. Using advanced marketing solutions like Infusionsoft will literally replace what could be a full time position if everything your marketing platform was doing for you was actually a manual process. And by the way, even if it were a manual process, managing all your marketing tasks would be a shell game of activity that would drive any sane person mad.

While Infusionsoft scores high points in marketing automation, it does have some weaknesses that make it less than ideal for anything other than marketing automation. The software enters the technology marketplace as a CRM, but is far from being the practical CRM (customer relationship management) tool, compared to other products available, like Mothernode, Salesforce and SugarCRM. When is comes to managing your customer accounts and relationships, Infusionsoft provides a more complicated operating environment than users probably care to use. Most Infusionsoft customers will confess they only rely on the product for its marketing platform, because the rest of the offering doesn’t provide a practical interface for managing information.

On the other end of the spectrum, Mothernode is recognized for its ease of use and extensive customer relationship capabilities. Because the program is designed as a business operating system (meaning our users run their daily business activities on our software) it has to be simple, in order to be effective. Infusionsoft customers that have already invested significantly in building and designing marketing workflows can extend their business platform by incorporating Mothernode CRM and effortlessly connecting their existing Infusionsoft account and marketing campaigns to automatically be accessed and used within their Mothernode account. Mothernode remedies the complexity of the Infusionsoft experience by incorporating a friendlier interface that gives you quick access to the marketing engine your organization depends on.

Enjoy the best of both worlds. Combine two powerful technologies to make one complete business operating platform that you can depend on today and grow with tomorrow.


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