Workflow Optimization with Mothernode ERP

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The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.

When your customer receives a quote from you they don’t really care how simple or complicated the process was for you to make it, they just want the details and they want them fast. When the decide to place an order with you, they still don’t care how simple or complex it is to execute and fulfill their order. All they’re interested is the results; getting what they want in the timeframe that you’ve committed to. Meeting these expectations will play a large role in how loyal your customer remains to you.

No matter how efficient you may think your process is, there’s always a better way to sculpt your workflow and refine it to continuously be the best oiled machine it can be. The benefits to your customer are obvious; elegant execution and great customer service, with timely delivery from a company (yours) that knows how to create a fantastic ordering experience for their customer base. But there are other benefits to simplifying, organizing and automating your workflow. Benefits that will help you accomplish your growth expectations as an organization by allowing you to operate in a leaner, more efficient environment. Afterall, perfecting your fulfillment process  (and constantly refining it) means simplifying your workflow. When you can achieve this, you can eliminate time wasters that might impact the same general deliverables over and over again, freeing you (and your employees) to contribute value in other areas of their daily activity.

“Companies still rely on Microsoft Excel or Word to generate quotes and proposals, which are the number one cause for workflow disruption.”

Regardless of the size of a company or how many years its been in business, not organization has found the perfect chemistry to their ordering process. In fact, some companies still rely on Microsoft Excel or Word to generate quotes and proposals which are the number one causes for workflow disruption. Information communicated in these formats may address your immediate need that respond to your customers requests, but the overall impact it may have on the balance of your workflow can be devastating to service and even reputation. Information becomes error prone, because it’s often re-keyed and siloed throughout the workflow. Shouldn’t your invoice contain the necessary products and services quoted to the customer, without having to retype anything? Why should you have to create a purchase order to a vendor when ordering product for a customer and re-type all items into the PO? Why can’t sales reps be notified in real-time when their orders have been invoiced? This is all possible. You just have to take the next step.

The more that can happen automatically the less you need to think about. if you’re one of these businesses who struggles with some or all of these issues and know that there has to be a better way to achieve your end result more efficiently, then you may want to watch this 10 minute general overview of Mothernode’s (ERP) workflow and discover how you can immediately improve your own internal processes.

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