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Email is unquestionably the most popular and practical method when it comes to engaging new prospects. Whether you’re sending a personalized email or planning a strategic long-term drip, a clever subject line can be the determining factor in your recipient’s decision to open your message, read it, trash it or even worse – tag it as spam.  You only have a few seconds to make an impact, and in many cases when recipients are drowning in a sea of emails, it’s up to your subject line to win their interest. Below is a listing of tried-and-true email subject lines that peak interest and stimulate ‘opens’.

Analyzing your email subject performance and making the necessary updates is an ongoing objective that is critical to your email marketing process. Experiment with a variety of different subject lines (and ordering of your sequence) to see how recipients respond and understand what gains the most opens.

Cold Emails

If you’ve had your own email account for more than a month, then you know first-hand how many people are competing for your attention. You also know that subject lines can be the definitive make-or-break when it comes to engaging your prospects (or customers), so it’s important to grab their attention within seconds. Successful cold emails contain some or all of these characteristics:

  1. Intrigue
  2. Personalization
  3. Curiosity
  4. Value
  5. Urgency
  6. Informative
  7. Call to action
  8. Trust
  9. Confidence

Following are some sample cold email subject lines that can generate immediate interest. Using a CRM can give you additional options to personalize your subject lines using the prospect’s name, company name, industry and more. Studies have shown personalized subject lines have a higher open rate.  Consider the following when developing a subject:

  • Relevance
  • Usefulness
  • Excitement
  • Urgency
  • Don’t sound salesy

Sample cold email subject lines:

1) Hoping to help

2) {Mutual Contact Name} recommends I contact you

3) X ways to meet your revenue goals

4) X winning strategies to increase {industry name} sales

5) X ways to increase sales in 24 hours

6) Hoping you can help

7) Are you meeting your sales (or revenue) goals?

8) Did you meet your sales (or revenue) goals?

9) How to increase revenue over 6 months

10) X ways to exceed your sales (or revenue) goals

11) Offer expires in 5 days!

12) Only a few spots left!

13) One day left!

14) Now shipping!

15) Now available!

16) New: {Insert tagline}

17) {Industry Name} Industry Leaders Only!

18) X Strategies from {Industry Name} Industry Leaders

19) X Sales Strategies {Industry Name} Industry Leaders

20) Worst {Industry Name} sales mistakes of {current year}

21) How {company name} can dominate the {Industry Name} industry

22) Are you on target?

23) How to meet your sales goals

24) X habits toward increasing sales

25) X things you can do today that will increase sales

Next Steps

Next steps are immediate. Ideally, you should have next steps available immediately to make sure the conversation will continue. Sending follow-up emails is just as important. Even the most benign follow-ups can make a lasting impact or serve as an important reminder to your prospect. Your follow-ups should accomplish the following:

  • Be thankful
  • Be valued
  • Demonstrate trust
  • Exhibit commitment
  • Leave with an actionable item for follow-up
  • Commit to a follow-up date/time

Sample next steps email subject lines:

26) Hoping to help

27) {Company Name} Follow-up Items

28) X ways to proceed

29) {Company Name} follow-up items {Insert date of discussion}

30) X Options to get started

31) Next steps to get started

Follow-up Emails

The fortune is in the follow-up, which emphasizes the importance of being persistent in your communications. However, don’t be annoyingly persistent or even pushy. Equally important is that time kills all deals. The longer you wait to follow-up or if you have large gaps in between follow-ups, the more likely you will lose the sale. Follow-up emails can include breakup emails too. In fact, they should at some point. There is no harm in asking for the “no”. It can save you unnecessary time in your follow-up process and it might even give you some insight that can help refine and reshape your sales process with future opportunities.

Sample follow-up email subject lines:

32) 10-minutes to follow-up

33) Friendly check-in

34) Are you still looking?

35) Here’s the info I promised

36) When is a good time to re-connect?

37) Availability for a 10-minute call

38) Are you still interested in {subject}?

39) Is {Company Name} still evaluating {products/services}?

40) Is {products/services} still a priority for {Company Name}?

41) Ready to proceed?


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