KeyedIn Alternative

Mothernode – The Perfect Alternative to KeyedIn

Why Mothernode is the ideal solution for companies dealing with inefficiencies in their current workflow processes If you’re looking for a software program that can help you with operations, sales management, estimating, production control, and other essential services, Mothernode might be exactly what you need and is a great alternative to programs like KeyedIn, sighting […]

Effective Sales Leaders do these things

As a business owner or sales manager, the success of your company lays in your hands. Your sales force, no matter the size, is your responsibility, and should always be your first priority. The success of your company, its future and the security of its employees depend on competent sales leadership. It’s important that you […]

Best email subject lines 2018

Email is unquestionably the most popular and practical method when it comes to engaging new prospects. Whether you’re sending a personalized email or planning a strategic long-term drip, a clever subject line can be the determining factor in your recipient’s decision to open your message, read it, trash it or even worse – tag it […]

Outlook CRM

Mothernode CRM Outlook Add-in Version 5 is now available for download. Many notable enhancements and make this version the most ideal CRM companion for Outlook 2013 and 2016 for Microsoft Windows. Contact syncing controls. Control which contacts you want to synchronize, such as ALL contacts, the ones you select or only your contacts. Bi-direction calendar syncing […]

Salesforce for small business: What you really need to know

Whether you use a CRM or not, chances are you’ve heard of Salesforce (dot com). After all, their name is synonymous with CRM and they’ve been recognized year after year as being one of the more innovative products, not just in their own market, but in the world. Salesforce is known for its state-of-the-art platform […]

Mothernode Offers New Competitively Priced CRM Plan Exclusively for Startups

IRVING, TEXAS, USA, January 25, 2018  — Spurred on by a hot economy, many Americans have chucked their corporate jobs to start the business of their dreams. Yet as any startup founder knows, the first few years are bound to be lean. Enter Mothernode. A Texas-based customer relationship management (CRM) software company. Mothernode has created […]

7 Critical Steps to Successfully Implement Your CRM

You want your customer relationship management (CRM) solution to save time and increase the return on your investment as soon as possible. Yet no matter how good your CRM program is, you won’t get your complete money’s worth out of it without a successful implementation. A seamless implementation is critical to your CRM success. The […]

Lead Automation for Construction and Manufacturing Companies

With the construction and manufacturing industries back on the rise all over the U.S., Mothernode CRM has just released a new integration with ConstructConnect’s Insight service. ConstructConnect, ™ a service that provides detailed project information to construction companies, gives its clients access to construction projects throughout the United States and Canada. This information includes contacts, [...]

Mothernode CRM Cardview

You’ll never look at your sales the same way again! Mothernode’s Cardview gives sales teams and sales managers an organized view of all their sales activity in one, intuitive screen. Get acclimated to cardview and discover how you can get great control of your sales process. Learn more about Mothernode Cards </h3

How to exceed last year’s sales goals

If you’re not using Mothernode CRM’s Marketing & Sales Automation features, you’re leaving money on the table. Period. There are 2 ways to positively impact your bottom line. Reduce costs and increase revenue. Mothernode CRM helps you do both. Increasing Revenue If you’re not actively engaging customers via digital marketing campaigns or automatic follow-up sequences, it’s a […]

Setting up autoresponders for your website visitors

How much time do you waste a week with follow-up emails? Probably a lot considering nearly 3/4 of website inquiries don’t lead to an immediate sale. Want some of that time back? The best place to begin? Start using Mothernode CRM’s Follow-up Sequences to automatically respond to your website inquiries. Here’s a few recommendations to begin. […]

Building an Effective Email Campaign Strategy

Building short-term and long-term engagement campaigns are instrumental to your lead nurturing strategy. There are an infinite combinations of campaign strategies you can create, but in this lesson we’ll focus on common types. Short-Term Campaigns These campaigns should be designed to convert quickly. While the autoresponder sequence is used as a personalized approach to connect with your […]

Create & Send Holiday Greetings with Mothernode CRM

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simplify and automate your customer holiday greetings for all occasions? Now you can with Mothernode CRM Follow-up Sequences. It’s simple. Create a holiday sequence and add your contacts to the sequence. Each time you make a new holiday greeting and add it to that sequence, your contacts will receive […]

Mothernode CRM Cardview

You’ll never look at sales the same again! Mothernode’s Cardview gives sales teams and sales managers an organized view of all their sales activity in one, intuitive screen. Get acclimated to cardview and discover how you can get great control of your sales process. Learn more about Mothernode Cards </h3

Strategies for Website Visitor Follow-up Sequences

Depending on your business and how well your SEO is working, your products and services might be stimulating a lot of interest. That’s great! But the more interest in your content, the more questions you’ll receive. Most often this means your visitors are completing a web form, better known as lead capture forms, to effectively […]

Building Successful Lead Nurture Campaigns

To grow, a business must attract new customers while also retaining old ones. However, this is only part of the story. Businesses that succeed in the market are those which really nurture their leads. Smart businesses spend time and effort on engaging with these leads and developing the most advantageous long-term relationship for both parties. […]

Marketing Automation vs. Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been a key component of marketing, and one that has helped companies perform at consistently high levels for many years. With this level of efficacy in mind, why would anyone want to shatter such a pleasant status quo? Why would anyone want to disrupt something so useful? Because there are serious […]

Emails that Win Business: Dos and Don’ts

Email templates are great time-saving devices, but they must be used carefully. The key to a great template is to make it appear that it is not a template at all, but instead an organic and unique response. In the sensitive world of business communication, creating this impression is vital. Do ask questions Questions, by […]

Why some CRMs will be completely useless to your business

As a business owner, what do you want from a customer relationship management system? Chances are, you approached the CRM marketplace with a specific set of issues or problems in mind, and so were looking for a piece of software which would provide an effective and comprehensive solution. This is what separates the men from […]

Mothernode CRM MailChimp Integration

For organizations with any kind of online marketing strategy, MailChimp really is a must. This handy application enables you to build mailing lists and construct email marketing campaigns that suit your business, and it integrates directly with your existing Mothernode CRM platform. Integrating MailChimp Using Existing Mothernode Subscription Providing that you have a Mothernode subscription, […]

5 Discounting Strategies That Work!

  Offering discounts is a great way to encourage your customers to make a buying decision. Using discounts can help you differentiate your business from your competitors. If you carefully plan your costs, sale price and profit, you can improve your overall results using discounts. Use these tips to use discounts effectively. 1. Attract Customers […]

Inefficient Businesses Suffer Slow, Painful Deaths.

Squeezing the maximum amount of profitability from your venture requires the utmost degree of efficiency. Considering the immense number of technological advancements in the last decade, accomplishing this goal is much easier now than ever before. Since everyone in your organization uses technology in their daily lives, your team has a tremendous advantage when keeping […]

Key Performance Indicators that Matter Most to Your Business

Having your business goals/destination in mind is the first step towards effective management. But you cannot manage what you don’t measure. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) analytics are a vital resource for measurement, taking quantitative data analysis to the next level. KPIs represent the measurement of progress indicators, identified beforehand, toward organizational goals. Frequent, routine review […]


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