Best Lead Capture Forms

Automating Lead Intake with Lead Capture Forms

Mothernode CRM lets you create lead capture forms that you can place on your website, landing pages or blogs. You can build your forms using a variety of standard and custom fields, and stylize them to match your website’s theme. Users can change font types and sizes, re-position and re-label submit buttons, and select colors that match your theme. You can even group fields under your specific section headings. Lead capture forms are the best way to generate new prospects with practically zero effort. Visitors who complete and submit lead capture forms automatically become new leads in your Mothernode CRM account, and they can also be automatically added to follow-up sequences.

The following examples are forms you can build in Mothernode CRM:

Basic Subscriber Forms

You can add basic subscriber forms to your website or blog that enable visitors to sign-up for future news and special events. Upon submission, the requester can become a new lead and be automatically added to one or more follow-up sequences.

Simple Mailing Lists

Keep customers and prospects up-to-date with the latest news and events and encourage enrollment with a single email address.

Simple Contact Info

A simple, common format to capture relevant prospect information, including company name and direct contact.

Complete Contact Information

Create Lead Capture forms that include all the necessary information you need to follow-up with prospects, including street address, phone number, email address, contact and company name.

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