Building an Effective Email Campaign Strategy

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Building short-term and long-term engagement campaigns are instrumental to your lead nurturing strategy. There are an infinite combinations of campaign strategies you can create, but in this lesson we’ll focus on common types.

Short-Term Campaigns
These campaigns should be designed to convert quickly. While the autoresponder sequence is used as a personalized approach to connect with your prospect, the campaign, on the other hand, promotes your products, services, brand and expertise, and usually does so in general terms.

Long-Term Campaigns
Simply put, longer term campaigns should deliver content, less frequently, over an extended period of time. It’s purpose is to passively keep your brand, products and services in front of your buyers by dripping content to them at a low frequency. Popular content includes, promotions, new product announcements, holiday sales and seasonal related messages.


5 Truths about your Marketing Campaigns

Before you get started and if you’re new to digital marketing or building campaign sequences, there are a few things you should know before making your first campaign.

They require a small investment in time to create
Creating a campaign sequence in Mothernode CRM isn’t hard at all, but planning and designing your campaign content and messages is something that will take a bit of time. It will be time well spent! Think of each campaign template as a message you are writing to one person, except you will be able to reuse it again and again.

They will continue to evolve
Of course they will change and evolve over time. That’s because your business, ideas and strategies are evolving. The moment you begin using Mothernode Marketing Sequences you’ll be able to measure your results. What’s interesting, what’s not. As your product and service offerings change, your marketing message will change too. This is ultimately a good thing, because it shows you are monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns.

You will see results!
How could you not? If using campaigns increases your touch points with your audience, it will increase your sales. This doesn’t mean that website visitor you engage with using campaigns will be your next customer, but what it does mean is that the increased abundance of communication increases your odds of increasing your conversion rate, because you are keeping your brand and message(s) in front of your buyers.

Content Ideas

Not sure where to begin? Need some ideas? Here are a few content ideas that you can include in any campaign. You can mix and match the concepts or stick with a consistent message, like sales and promotions.

Current Offerings

The easiest way to stimulate a sale is to make an offer. Limited time offers give your buyers a sense of urgency that can persuade them to act quick.

Sales and Promotions

Create savings offers for special occasions, such as Holiday Sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday. Using promotions is also a great way to liquidate stock or incentive a sale.

Services | Portfolio

Nothing communicates confidence in your brand more than well put together portfolio of your work. Share your expertise with your buyers. Raising their confidence level in your brand will increase their likelihood of buying.

Customer Success

Customer service and your expertise is always a key consideration in your buyer’s criteria. Nothing can defuse doubt more than sharing testimonials and case studies from existing customers.

Quick Tip: Build at least one short-term campaign and one long-term campaign. You can repurpose content to use in both. Executing these campaigns will give you more opportunities to market and sell to your website visitors than you’ve ever had before.

3 minute read

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