Setting up autoresponders for your website visitors

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How much time do you waste a week with follow-up emails? Probably a lot considering nearly 3/4 of website inquiries don’t lead to an immediate sale. Want some of that time back? The best place to begin? Start using Mothernode CRM’s Follow-up Sequences to automatically respond to your website inquiries.

Here’s a few recommendations to begin.

Automate follow-up responder sequences

Short Term (Sales)

Objective: Reduce and/or eliminate manual responses to visitor inquiries. Stop wasting time communicating and attempting to connect with your website visitors, especially if they aren’t ready to buy.

Action: Let Mothernode CRM automate your follow-up communication, and use multiple attempts (if necessary), to engage your prospects inviting them to connect. Create personalized auto-responses that engage your website visitors to help ignite a sales opportunity. Design a sequence based on your selling cycle. These emails usually look like personalized emails and should not be HTML email campaigns.

Long Term (Marketing)

Objective: Maintain a steady relationship with your visitors by keeping your brand in front of them over a long period of time, especially when your attempt to connect is met with silence.

Action: Create long term lead nurture campaigns that distribute relevant content to your customers and prospects to help increase your conversion rates over time. These emails are typically HTML format and should communicate value, quality and any promotions you may want to include.

Short Term Email

When writing your follow-up emails make sure to keep them short and sweet. Always request a time to connect. Here are a few pointers to get started.

Keep it Short. Make your point, don’t ramble. Your visitor completed a web form, they expect a response. You’re less likely to sell them in an email than a follow-up call.

Initiate a Conversation. Invite them for a time to call. Propose a time. Lay the ground work.

Setup Follow-ups. Anticipate receiving no response and setup a short sequence of follow-ups. Keep the emails short and sweet. End the attempt to make contact sequence after the 3rd or 4th email.

Pace your follow-up sequences.

Sample Autoresponder Sequence

To get you started, here is a sample autoresponder follow-up sequence. You can use this as a starting point and manipulate the content to fit your business. This autoresponder would be used to engage a website visitor who requested to be contacted.


Hi %contact_first_name%,

Thank you for visiting and checking out some of our content. I wanted to connect briefly to understand what was driving your interest and to see how I can help.

Would you be available today or tomorrow for a 5-10 minute call?

Thank you,

John Doe


Hi %contact_first_name%,

I’m following up on my previous attempt to connect, because I saw you did some research on earlier.

I’m not sure where your interests are specifically, but I would like to set up a time to find out, so that I can provide some relevant resources and answer any questions you may have.

When would be a good time to speak for 5-10 minutes?

Thank you,
John Doe


Hi %contact_first_name%,

I’ve been trying to reach you for the past few weeks, and haven’t had much luck in doing so. At this point I’ll assume your _______ needs are no long a priority, and close out your file.

If I’m incorrect in this assumption, please let me know the best date/time for an initial conversation, and I’ll send over a calendar invite directly.

Best regards,
John Doe

Quick Tip: Create a company account in Mothernode for your business and add a couple of your users as contacts. Use this account to test your sequences. It’s a good idea to send sequences to people on your team to get their input. Also, be sure to view your emails on a variety of different platforms, like Macs and Windows as well as web mail and different versions of Outlook. Always test your customer experience.

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