Emails that Win Business: Dos and Don’ts

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Email templates are great time-saving devices, but they must be used carefully. The key to a great template is to make it appear that it is not a template at all, but instead an organic and unique response. In the sensitive world of business communication, creating this impression is vital.

Do ask questions
Questions, by their very nature, are engaging and provoke a response if nothing else. Without this response, you have nothing to work with in closing a potential deal. Deploy direct and meaningful questions to start the ball rolling on a positive conversation.

Questions also have substantial rhetorical power if used correctly. Rather than simply delineating your services, use questions to get the customer to focus on specific pain points. This approach can prove far more effective than a simple list of what you can do for the client.

Don’t ramble on
One of the golden rules of creating a successful email – whether the email is a template or a uniquely composed message – is to keep it short. One of the main reasons that an email gets ignored is that the recipient simply doesn’t have time to wade through it.

What’s more, emails consisting of several long paragraphs, carefully and methodically presented, tend to give the game away. While grammar is, of course, important, longer compositions scream ‘generic template’ to the recipient; something which you want to avoid at all costs.

Do focus on real solutions
Similar to the above, a good business-winning email should get right into the heart of the matter. Each email should be formulated with a specific objective in mind, and then designed in a way which meets that objective and communicates the necessary information to the recipient.

Think about the kind of response you want to elicit from the recipient, then think about the information you need to include to achieve that. We’ve included sample emails below for you to work with when creating your template.

Don’t include wasted words
As you’re already keeping it short, you are aware that your email needs to be quick and to the point if it is to do its job. This means that all the words you use must be specifically measured and weighed up to ensure maximum effectiveness.

We’ve mentioned above that a good sales email should get straight to the point, but what about later on? The way you finish an email is just as important as how you begin. Remember, it’s all about engineering your way to your desired outcome, whether that outcome is a contract renewal, a face to face meeting, or simply a chat on the phone. Design your call to action and make sure that it is deployed in your template.

Introducing Yourself

Dear —-
My name is —– and I am [role] at [organization], I would like to briefly introduce you to our company.

We provide bespoke software and app design services to businesses and help to fine-tune their media marketing strategies. Is this something that you think your company could benefit from? When would be convenient to have a five or ten minute chat about this?
Yours sincerely,


Follow Up Emails
Hi —-
Just following up on the voicemail I left you earlier. I did some research on today and saw that you are the [role] at [organization].
I’m not sure where your interests lie but I would like to set up a time to find out. That way I can provide some relevant resources and answer any questions you might have.

When would be a good time to speak for 5-10 min?

Customer Service Emails

Hi —-,
Thank you for forwarding the email you received from your client. We understand that it is important to pass on information regarding additional charges so we would like to add a notice to your company profile page, outlining this clearly to customers.

Could you get in touch to let us know the precise wording you would like us to include? We will be happy to accommodate this for you and you can expect the changes to be made by the end of the week.
Thank you for staying in contact, and don’t forget to email or call if you have any other issues or questions.

3 minute read

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