The necessity of Sales and Marketing automation

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Regardless of the size of your business, your operational workflow or number of employees, one constant is true; manual methods and archaic processes will hold you back. The longer you take to produce a result, the less results you’ll produce. It’s pretty straight forward. That means less revenue and negative growth.

All too often I hear business owners that say, “We’re not there yet” or “we’re not ready for that.” My questions is, ready for what? Success? Growth? If YOU don’t have the vision to improve, innovate, automate or expand, then it might be time to work with someone who can provide a foundation for accelerated growth, because this is something your competitors are most likely already doing and they’re not waiting for you to catch up. In the event you’re concern about you’re employees and their ability to adjust, I would say if you don’t have the employees willing to take on the challenge or make a critical shift in thinking, then it’s probably time to make some tough decisions about your team. All this to say, it’s time to take action and action means change.

Assess your current situation.

The fundamental question is; are you doing it right, today? Because if you’re not you maybe heading for imminent failure, and if you’ve been doing the same thing year after year and generating similar results in annual revenue, then you’ve most likely become complacent. If you’re ok with that, stop reading now. The rest will bore you. For those of you wanting to take your business to the next level then it’s time to change. Implementing the right sales and marketing automation program and strategies are initiatives guaranteed to reduce your effort, and increase (or sustain) your sales.

Automate. Now!
No matter your business or your industry something in your service delivery model can be eliminated, replaced or automated. Shorten the distance between two points, whenever and wherever you can. I’ve still yet to meet a successful, thriving business that once automated their processes, actually choose to downgrade their capabilities to use manual methods instead. Start small, work your way up. Employees who resist automation and prefer manual methods are more set on making value for themselves, rather than for the company. Change their mind or change their position. Period.

5 results you’re bound to see in the first 3 months of incorporating Sales and Marketing Automation.

Faster ROI
Today, far too often when it comes growth, employees and managers alike usually equate growth opportunities to adding bodies to the organization in order to accomplish more. The typical reflex response to needing or having to accomplish more, “we need to hire more people”. If that’s the case, then you better guarantee an increase in revenue (or savings) to justify and pay for the additional person and allow the employee related expenses that follow. It’s often difficult to justify a new hire if the results are unpredictable and speculative. Very few approach growth potential by first improving existing processes to free up wasted time. Implementing timesaving methods, automating processes and eliminating or refining processes should always be the first step towards achieving your growth goals.

Greater perspective
No matter your position or role, automating the administrative duties (in any position) frees you up to be more productive in other responsibilities and allows you to introduce new ideas and processes that can further grow the business. By not overwhelming yourself with administrative work, your mind can focus more clearly generating new ideas to better your operations and tasks, simply because you have the time to. Everyone in the company has an idea, a contribution to bettering the company. Freeing up time and resources is a sure way to executing any idea worth pursuing.

Reduction in workload
Doing less has its personal advantages, without a doubt, but that can mean so much more for the growth and potential of your business. There is always work to be done, but by reducing the administrative and laborious tasks that clutter our days, weeks and months, you will see incredible effect on your business. Administrative duties, like writing follow-up emails, etc. can often be short-cut to take less effort by implementing templates and/or email automation.

Increased Opportunities
If it were possible to take on more business, while actually reducing your workload, wouldn’t you? Sales and marketing automation allows you to accomplish just that. Automating your sales processes lets you increase your sales volume which means increasing your close ratio. Additionally, automating your sales process elinminates time spent with prospects who may not ready to but from you. It also helps keep you stay engaged with leads until they are ready to buy, turning them into opportunities.

Greater Productivety
Whether your reducing repetative work or eliminating it altogether, one thing is for sure, you personnel will feel less stress and pressed for time trying to achieve their sales goals or tasks. Oiling the machine gives your employees renewed focus and energy to contribute in new ways. Challenge them with new responsibilities that have greater rewards.

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