Mothernode vs. Base CRM

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The question is simple.


Why would you pay more to do a lot less?

What you need to know.


In addition to our easy to use Customer and Sales Management features, Mothernode CRM includes a lot more functionality and benefits for a lot less.

bulletPer user subscriptions decrease as more users are added.

bulletMarketing Automation that lets you send up to 25,000 stunning emails /month.*

bullet Lead nurture and drip campaigns with rules and actions.

bulletGet 100GB of storage/account. Add more as you need.

bulletEmail Template Studio that lets you design agency quality email campaigns in minutes

bulletLead capture forms for your website or landing pages.

bulletReport automation. Build custom reports that are automatically emailed to you and your team.

bulletCase Management module for after sale customer support.

bulletQuote module with digital signature capture and approval.

bulletInventory Management that includes multi-tier pricing and bundles.

bulletVendor management.

bulletTwo way calendar and contact synchronization with Outlook.

* available in most plans

How Mothernode and Base compare to one another.

Base Feature comparison

BASE CRM Professional

5 Users


On-boarding begins at $2,500

(see for latest offers)

    • BASE Features
    • (Source:
    • Risk Free Trial Period
    • Leads, Contacts, Deals and Tasks
    • Document Storage
    • Mobile apps
    • Geo Location
    • Base Voice Phone Number **
    • Call Logging and Recording
    • Customization, Filters and Tags
    • Lead, Contact & Deal Management Tools
    • Custom Pipeline Stages
    • Task Management
    • Email Automation
    • Plugins & Integrations
    • Built-In Dialer
    • Document Management
    • Task Automation
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Activity Reports
    • Sales Intelligence
    • Lead Scoring
    • Call Analytics
    • Auto Dialer
    • Product Catalog
    • Multi Level Permissions
    • Single Sign On
    • Multiple Sales Pipelines
    • BASE CRM
    • $95+/user/month
    • 14-days
    • Unlimited
    • 5GB/user
    • $69/user/month
    • Unlimited Sandbox
    • Unlimited
    • 100GB/account
    • with plugin

Mothernode Feature comparison

Mothernode Professional

5 Users


On-boarding begins at $800

(see other Mothernode plans)

    • Mothernode Features
    • Risk Free Trial Period
    • Document Storage
    • Lead & Opportunity Managment
    • Customer Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Custom Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Pipeline Management
    • Vendor Management
    • Automated Reports
    • Realtime Notifications
    • Email Marketing
    • Template Designer
    • Email Campaigns
    • Lead Nurture Campaigns
    • Lead Capture Forms
    • Campaign Management
    • Campaign Analytics
    • Case Management
    • Case Web Forms
    • Time Tracking
    • Quotes & Proposals
    • Electronic Quote Signing
    • Inventory Management
    • Multi-Tier Pricing
    • Bundles
    • Order History
    • Events
    • Tasks
    • Task Automation
    • Calendar Events
    • Outlook 2-Way Calendar Synching
    • Outlook 2-Way Contact Synching
    • BASE CRM
    • $95+/user/month
    • 14-days
    • 5GB/user
    • $69/user/month
    • Unlimited Sandbox
    • 100GB/account

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