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Cast a wider net with minimal effort and double your close ratio with marketing automation services designed to keep your brand and message in front of your buyer . Mothernode Marketer Edition gives you everything you need to kick-start your online marketing programs and create vibrant lead nurture campaigns that keep your customers engaged throughout the sales process. This edition is for sales and marketing.

For Marketers

Engage your customers and prospects with stunning email nurture campaigns.

Lead Nurturning

Send time based emails to buyers and existing customers

Template Studio

Create stunning marketing campaigns in minutes

Marketing Analytics

Understand the impact of your marketing programs

For Sales Professionals

Grow your pipeline and easily manage all your relationships and sales activity.

 Leads & Opportunities

The easiest way to manage your sales pipeline


Realtime business and sales anaylics

Contact Management

A better way to managing your relationships

For Everyone

Productivity features to help enhance your CRM Experience.

Outlook Integtration

Share contacts, calendars, customer history and more

Gmail Integration

Create records, archive messages and view customer history


Create events, share notes, tag users, archive emails and more


Create and automate tasks with multiple actions

Sell Smarter

Generate more leads and shorten your sales cycle.

Sales and Marketing CRM

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