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Professional Edition

The Mothernode CRM Professional Edition gives you everything you need to build and manage all of your business relationships, from customers to vendors. This comprehensive solution brings together the power and functionality of all our CRMs into one integrated package.

Business Essentials


Manage More Business

Get the most out of Mothernode and become a more effective closer without spending a lot of effort throughout your sales process. Mothernode CRM Professional gives you everything you need in one convenient package for business improvement.


Service Customers After the Sale

Give your customers the service the deserve and expect. Upgrade your customer service capabilities with Mothernode’s Case Management features and make every customer service request a winning solution.


Boost Productivity with Streamlined Connectivity

Wasted time means wasted money (and potential) for your business. Stop the waste with a fully connected team – Improve your customer service capabilities and begin managing your vendor relationships better.

Edition Features

Mothernode’s robust feature set includes a wealth of tools to manage campaigns and customers from marketing to sales generation and lead management. The Professional Edition includes the best of all editions, plus a robust customer service model.

Contact Management

Every interaction you have with your contact in one easy to manage screen. With single screen snapshots and streamlined access to all contacts, you’ll get ease-of-use in all your communication.

Account Management

Every transaction, note and communication at your finger tips. Mothernode’s Customer Account Management makes it easy to connect and continually engage your customers – from marketing to ongoing account relations.


Stay connected to your customer accounts and their activity, in real-time; at your desk or on the phone with Dialogue™. Mothernode’s social media-style collaboration tools keep you informed of important events on every account you own or follow.

Vendor Management

Our powerful Vendor Management Module has been engineered to improve management relations for business vendors and customers alike.

Case Management (Customer Support)

Build and maintain your customer loyalty with Mothernode Professional’s exclusive Case Management module. Give your customers a simplified web form for case management and communication. With detail tracking available for every case, you’ll have immediate access to correspondence, emails and other critical customer relationship details.

Sales Management

Intuitive tools, dashboards and automated reporting to give your the perspective you need to manage your sales force, whether you have a team of 3 or 300.

Opportunity Management

When opportunity knocks, you want to be there to answer. These automated connectivity tools can help you better manage leads – and never miss out on more business.

Leads Capture Forms

Create engaging lead capture forms that simplify the process of letting your customers and prospects connect with you for your services. Accelerate your lead conversion with lead capture forms that integrate with your existing marketing platforms the get you the information you need to close business quicker.

Mobile Accessibility

No business professional can succeed today while remaining tethered to an office or a desk. Mothernode's mobile platform brings you full functionality for lead and sales management with collaboration tools designed for portability.

Purchase Orders

Creating and tracking purchase orders is an especially important component to your business success. Effortlessly create purchase orders specific to your vendors and customers. And the integrated tools can help you manage, track and access them right when you need them.

Sales. Support. Satisfaction.

This special edition includes everything you need to close the deal and provide customers with winning support, every time!

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Mothernode CRM Professional

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