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Sales Team Edition

Mothernode CRM Sales Team Edition delivers an easy to use, powerful solution to assist your sales team toward achieving better results.  Help your business reach its full potential by introducing Mothernode’s powerful set of sales automation features to manage more business than you ever could before.

CRM for Sales Teams


Close More Deals – Faster

Once you start using Mothernode’s intuitive sales management tools, engineered around process improvement, communication and automation, then you’ll be able to handle more business than ever before. That means you’ll be converting sales faster!

Mothernode CRM for Sales Teams gives you the automation you need so you don’t have to waste time on administrative tasks. You also get straightforward communication and collaboration to connect colleagues from all stages of the business process. That way everyone can focus on closing more deals and driving home more business.

Increase Conversions and Improve Customer Loyalty

The key to any ongoing business success boils down to conversions and retention. Mothernode sales force automation, lead generation and sales management tools let you stay on task during every stage of your sales process, ultimately converting more opportunities into customers.

Enhance Your Productivity

Don’t let your existing processes slow you down any longer. Every component of Mothernode was designed from the ground-up to improve business productivity. With so many features designed around simplifying your daily activities, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Edition Features

Contact Management

Every interaction you have with your contact in one easy to manage screen. With single screen snapshots and streamlined access to all contacts, you’ll get ease-of-use in all your communication.

Account Management

Every transaction, note and communication at your finger tips. Mothernode’s Customer Account Management makes it easy to connect and continually engage your customers – from marketing to ongoing account relations.


Stay connected to your customer accounts and their activity, in real-time; at your desk or on the phone with Dialogue™. Mothernode’s social media-style collaboration tools keep you informed of important events on every account you own or follow.

Sales Management

Intuitive tools, dashboards and automated reporting to give your the perspective you need to manage your sales force, whether you have a team of 3 or 300.

Opportunity Management

When opportunity knocks, you want to be there to answer. These automated connectivity tools can help you better manage leads – and never miss out on more business.

Mobile Accessibility

No business professional can succeed today while remaining tethered to an office or a desk. Mothernode's mobile platform brings you full functionality for lead and sales management with collaboration tools designed for portability.

Simple. Powerful.

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CRM for Sales Teams

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Mothernode CRM Sales Team Edition

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CRM for Sales Teams

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