Mothernode CRM Receives 2020 Best of Irving Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Mothernode Crm Receives 2020 Best of Irving Award Irving Award Program Honors the Achievement IRVING January 15, 2020 — Mothernode Crm has been selected for the 2020 Best of Irving Award in the Software Company category by the Irving Award Program. Each year, the Irving Award Program identifies companies that […]

7 benefits of adopting a CRM that you will notice in the first 90 days

CRM (customer relationship management) technology is growing in popularity in small and midsized companies, especially among their sales teams. CRM is essentially a system that's deployed to manage the interactions of a company with clients, customers, and sales prospects. CRM software can help a company’s sales team organize, automate, as well as synchronize processes to [...]

How to exceed last year’s sales goals

If you’re not using Mothernode CRM’s Marketing & Sales Automation features, you’re leaving money on the table. Period. There are 2 ways to positively impact your bottom line. Reduce costs and increase revenue. Mothernode CRM helps you do both. Increasing Revenue If you’re not actively engaging customers via digital marketing campaigns or automatic follow-up sequences, it’s a […]

Setting up autoresponders for your website visitors

How much time do you waste a week with follow-up emails? Probably a lot considering nearly 3/4 of website inquiries don’t lead to an immediate sale. Want some of that time back? The best place to begin? Start using Mothernode CRM’s Follow-up Sequences to automatically respond to your website inquiries. Here’s a few recommendations to begin. […]

Building an Effective Email Campaign Strategy

Building short-term and long-term engagement campaigns are instrumental to your lead nurturing strategy. There are an infinite combinations of campaign strategies you can create, but in this lesson we’ll focus on common types. Short-Term Campaigns These campaigns should be designed to convert quickly. While the autoresponder sequence is used as a personalized approach to connect with your […]

Building Successful Lead Nurture Campaigns

To grow, a business must attract new customers while also retaining old ones. However, this is only part of the story. Businesses that succeed in the market are those which really nurture their leads. Smart businesses spend time and effort on engaging with these leads and developing the most advantageous long-term relationship for both parties. […]

Emails that Win Business: Dos and Don’ts

Email templates are great time-saving devices, but they must be used carefully. The key to a great template is to make it appear that it is not a template at all, but instead an organic and unique response. In the sensitive world of business communication, creating this impression is vital. Do ask questions Questions, by […]

Why some CRMs will be completely useless to your business

As a business owner, what do you want from a customer relationship management system? Chances are, you approached the CRM marketplace with a specific set of issues or problems in mind, and so were looking for a piece of software which would provide an effective and comprehensive solution. This is what separates the men from […]

Inefficient Businesses Suffer Slow, Painful Deaths.

Squeezing the maximum amount of profitability from your venture requires the utmost degree of efficiency. Considering the immense number of technological advancements in the last decade, accomplishing this goal is much easier now than ever before. Since everyone in your organization uses technology in their daily lives, your team has a tremendous advantage when keeping […]

How to find the ‘right’ CRM for your business

  In today’s economy, more businesses are focused on finding ways to improve productivity, acquire more customers, and increase their ROI. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can make these objectives and many more—a reality for companies that adopt them. Businesses that implement CRM systems realize more opportunities and greater revenue, without necessarily investing in additional […]

Key Performance Indicators that Matter Most to Your Business

Having your business goals/destination in mind is the first step towards effective management. But you cannot manage what you don’t measure. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) analytics are a vital resource for measurement, taking quantitative data analysis to the next level. KPIs represent the measurement of progress indicators, identified beforehand, toward organizational goals. Frequent, routine review […]

10 Habits Your Sales Reps Need To Break

“Bad habits are hard to break” may be better known, but the saying “bad habits are like a comfortable bed – easy to get into, but hard to get out of” should be a mantra of every sales manager. Often, bad habits come from the ease of a certain approach. In other cases, a lucky […]

5 Basic Reasons Companies without CRMs Fail to Achieve Greatness

CRM is all about customer relationship management. Rather than having to take care of interaction with customers in a manual sense, businesses can use software like Mothernode CRM to automate the process. A CRM is very important for companies that wish to grow and develop, largely because of how easy it makes archiving and sharing […]

HubSpot CRM Integration

Overview Mothernode customers who use HubSpot’s lead capture forms and landing pages can integrated their HubSpot account with their Mothernode CRM account. This process enables Mothernode customers to use HubSpot lead capture forms to feed new leads directly to Mothernode CRM. Additionally, HubSpot leads include a special “HubSpot Intelligence” tab in the Mothernode lead profile that […]

What Sales Managers can learn from Hollywood

Measuring profitability, Hollywood style I recently read a Forbes online article (late 2014) that showcased the top 10 actors in Hollywood that produced the least ROI on their films. At the top of the list was Adam Sandler who returned $3.20 for every 1.00 paid. Adam was followed by Johnny Depp who was next in line […]

Get ahead of the competition by automating your quoting process

As a consumer aren’t you always impressed when the vendor you are buying from has made your purchasing process convenient, by offering online merchant services? Whether it’s ordering from your favorite pizza shop, booking a weekend getaway or shopping for the holidays, buying made easy gets you want you want quickly and is easy money […]

Why companies fail and the importance of continuous innovation.

If you look at mankind in general, the reason why we’ve been able to survive for centuries is simply due to our ability to adapt. Regardless of climate, disease, predators, and even manmade threats, we’ve been able to adjust and survive.  We’ve even improved our lifestyles and developed medicines that have extended our life expectancy on average […]

Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – July 26, 2014

New Updates Date: July 26, 2014 July 2014 – Release (3A) Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. These release notes include new features, enhancements and fixes for all Mothernode products. Check your Mothernode edition or ask your administrator […]

Marketing Automation

Leverage the power of marketing automation in your CRM workflows

Marketing automation capabilities with an effective customer relationship management platform creates an unstoppable business machine. Finding a CRM that has the world class capabilities you need when it comes to salesforce and marketing automation is a tall order for nearly any product. Most software solutions available can usually exceed expectations in one area, but often […]

Ease of use

CRM Ease of use at the top of the list for determining adoption success

Ease of use is the key ingredient when combining technological infrastructures with your business workflow There are a few criteria that will make or break your CRM adoption process, such as executive sponsorship, user attitude, ultimate necessity and so on. But  CRM ease of use has always been the fundamental tipping point, because without it, […]

Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – February 2, 2014

New Updates Date: February 2, 2014 February 2 – Release (1A) Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage users to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes. These release notes also include new features and bug fixes that have […]

Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – November 3, 2013

New Updates Date: November 4, 2013 November 2013 – Release (4A) Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Release Overview Release 4A includes minor updates to enhance usability and navigation, […]

Mothernode Product Update Release Notes – September 6, 2013

New Updates Date: September 6, 2013 September 2013 – Release (3A) Users should take note of the following important changes and updates now available. As always, we encourage everyone to read the release notes. This release contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Release Overview Release 3A includes several enhancements to the recent Work Order […]

Top 5 CRMs

CRM Buying Decisions

When looking at CRM buying decisions, I compare CRM buyers to home buyers, specifically first time buyers and previous home owners. Previous home owners (in this case CRM owners) make decisions based on their previous experience (in most cases with a previous organization). Veteran CRM users know what they need and cut to the chase […]


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