Relief for Small Businesses

For businesses that have been economically impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, and who are looking to move to the security and efficiency of running their operations in the cloud, Mothernode CRM is offering all standard professional services for implementation, training and onboarding at no cost. Additionally, Mothernode will suspend new customer subscriptions for 60 days in an effort to help rebuild small business operations as they transition into the cloud during these difficult times.


(800) 928-6055

Eligibility requirements

Eligible Editions: Sales Team and above

Annual contract / billed monthly

5 user minimum

At least 2 years in business

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The best all-in-one CRM for your business

Get organized, accomplish more, grow!

Trusted around the world

Hundreds of industries, one CRM

Mothernode CRM Editions

Scalable CRM solutions to grow with your business

Simplified sales management

Ditch the spreadsheets and take control of your sales pipeline like a champ!

Superior Sales Management

Stop fumbling with clunky CRMs or trying to manage your sales activity in spreadsheets. Quit opening screen after to screen to get to the information you need. Mothernode CRM delivers a single, all-inclusive interface for all your opportunities, accounts and contacts.

See what you’ve been missing

Create unlimited dashboards using hundreds of KPIs. Share them with your teams or broadcast them in the office.

Service your customers anywhere

Everything you need, in your back pocket

Simple. Convenient. Powerful.

Create unlimited dashboards, manage your sales pipeline, build relationships on the go. Everything a seasoned Sales Professional expects in a Mobile CRM and so much more.

Cross-platform accessibility

No matter where you are or how you work, Mothernode CRM gives you the flexibility and accessibility you need to service your customers from anywhere you need to be.

Questions? Call us at (800) 928-6055

Customize your funnel

Customize your selling stages and quickly stay on top of your sales opportunities. Knowing where each deal is, helps you stay on target. 

Stay Focused

Save time with simplified visual data. We’ve transformed basic lists to include key performance indicators that help you zero-in on the deals that matter most, so you can clearly visualize your sales and prioritize your next moves. 

Create better customer experiences

Get the data you need to offer your customers a more personalized service

Relationship Insights

Build stronger customer relationships with data that helps you better understand your customer. Mothernode distributes the information you need about your customers and contacts in one, easy to use screen.

Easy to use

Simple, functional, powerful, and easy to adopt. With a single screen approach to delivering data, adoption is a breeze. Every screen is designed to get you where you want to be with fewer clicks. Mothernode also includes memory selections that improve your experience by adapting to layout settings you prefer.

Access data fast!

Mothernode includes a newly designed, more functional way to search your data with Live Search. Results appear in your list as you type, increasing productivity by quickly locating the information you’re needing.

Integrated digital marketing platform

Unlimited customers, unlimited contacts, 25,000 emails/month. WOW!

Sales Essentials

Manage your opportunity pipeline and contacts

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Sales & Marketing

Accelerate sales with powerful marketing automation

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Sales Team

Built for sales managers, sales teams and account managers

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Sales Essentials NEW!

Prospect and contact management

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Sales & Marketing

Accelerate sales with powerful marketing automation

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Sales Team

Built for sales managers, sales teams and account managers

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Supior sales management and customer service

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Sales to invoicing and everything in between

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Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a seasoned veteran, you can enjoy the simplicity and speed in creating stunning campaigns and sequences.

New leads, automatically

A Marketer’s dream come true! Automatically turn highly engaged contacts in your marketing lists into new sales opportunities and assign them to the right Sales Rep in seconds. The advantage? Keep your marketing lists out of your leads until it’s time!