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Edition Overviews

Each Mothernode Edition is packed with features and capabilities that can help your business. Below is a visual listing of available modules in each edition, to help you determine which Mothernode CRM plan is right for you. For a complete listing of capabilities, talk to one of our product specialists or schedule a demo.

Mothernode CRM | Sales Team Edition

Start with everything a business needs to get organized and grow sales. This edition focuses heavily on Sales and Customer Management.


Leads and Opportunities

Managing leads and Opportunities couldn’t be easier thanks to Mothernode CRM! Enjoy the convenience of working with both leads and opportunities in a single, easy-to-use interface.


Customer Accounts

One screen provides a complete picture of your customer accounts, including associated transactions, related contacts, files, contracts, follow-ups, appointments, email, notes and more.


Contact Management

Simplify your contact management experience. Everything regarding your relationships are visible in an organized, easy-to-read screen. View your contact details in Mothernode or access them from Outlook.


Quotes and Proposals

No other CRM offers the feature-rich capabilities of Mothernode CRM Quotes. Users can generate beautiful quotes and estimates in record time, using multiple pricing sources, and then quickly send quotes electronically for digital approval.


Dashboards (KPIs)

Get some perspective. Mothernode CRM dashboards provide forecasting, trending, sales data, user data and more. Look deeper into your business for strengths within your business areas that need attention.


Scheduling and Sharing

Stay connected to your team and the activity within your organization that is important to you and your customers. Access your Mothernode calendar with your account or from Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendars or iCal.


Task Management

Whether you depend on the assistance of others or you need to make a list of To-dos for yourself, Mothernode Tasks help you to be more efficient. You can assign tasks, dispatch tasks and have tasks auto-create throughout your workflow.

File Manager

File Management

Mothernode’s file management module is an accumulation of files that are uploaded from various modules including Customers and Contacts, Leads and Opportunities, and more. Users can track versions and share files with customers.


Locations and Directions

Mothernode Maps integration gives users the ability to geographically plot their customers as well as add select customers to a list to send to your phone.

Products and Services

Quoting Products Easily

Mothernode’s products and services module enables users to upload or add basic inventory items and standard product settings, such that adding like items to quotes becomes a more efficient process.

Data Filtering

Advanced Searches

Create simple and complex data searches and save them for future use. Advanced searches gives Mothernode users the opportunity to set default listings and share searches with others.

Custom Reports

Create Automated Reports

Create powerful and complete, customizable reports from within any module. Apply advanced search filtering to refine your results and have your reports automatically emailed to recipients at any interval.

Mothernode CRM | Sales & Marketing Edition

Mothernode’s Sales and Marketing Edition gives you everything available in the Sales Team Edition, along with a full suite of marketing automation services to become your own digital agency.

Template Studio

Designing Email

Mothernode’s template studio makes designing agency-quality email fast and easy. Start your own campaigns and marketing sequences in little time.


Sending Campaigns

Just 4 steps is all it takes to send bulk email. Mothernode marketers can select from predefined lists or create new lists on-the-spot for sending mass email.

Lead Nurturing

Follow-up Sequences

Create intelligent lead nurture campaigns and automate your sales and marketing communications. Add customers, contacts and prospects to one or more sequences.

Marketing Insights

Marketing Management

Get real-time results! Track your marketing campaigns and follow-up sequences. See which contacts and prospects are engaging with your messages. Track their opens and clicks.

Lead Capture Forms

Lead Capture Forms

Create lead capture forms for your website, landing pages, blogs and more. Automatically add lead captures to new marketing sequences and leads.

Event Registration

Online Registration Forms

Use Mothernode registration forms to let customers register for upcoming events. Connect registration forms to your Stripe account to accept payments. Add registrants to marketing sequences and reminders.


Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics measure the financial success of your marketing campaigns and lets you identify your most profitable sales channels.

Lead Hunter

Prospect Better

Mothernode’s Lead Hunter service is designed to let business developers uncover leads based on industry and geography. Using cutting-edge technology, users can access contact information, email addresses and more.

Lead Capture Forms

Website Tracking

Get additional insights on your prospects and customers by tracking their activity on your websites and responses to marketing campaigns. Analytics and interest tracking show you precisely where your visitors are showing the most interest.

Mothernode CRM | Professional Edition

Mothernode’s Professional Edition gives you everything available in the Sales Team Edition and Sales and Marketing Edition, and adds the following features.

Vendor Management

Manage Third-Party Relationships

Manage your vendor relationships as well as you do your customers. Get access to all your vendor interactions, including email, follow-ups and Purchase Orders (available in applicable editions).


Managing Goods and Services

You won’t find this level of inventory control in any other CRM. Create bundles, relate items to one another for easy up-selling, set multiple pricing levels, assign inventory to customer accounts and so much more.

Case Management

Customer Service

Improve your customer service experience with Mothernode cases. Record customer issues, track communications, create new cases from email, track hours assigned to cases and escalate them accordingly.

Customer Service

Customer Service Online

Give your customers easy access to your customer support department by adding case web forms to your website, letting your clients open new cases 24/7/365.

Mothernode CRM | Enterprise Edition

Mothernode’s Enterprise Edition is the most complete edition in the set and designed to run small businesses. It contains everything available in all other editions, plus the following.

Sales Orders


Mothernode CRM Enterprise lets you convert quotes into orders and gives you everything you need to effectively process your order, including shipping and invoicing all or partial items.

Purchase Orders


Users can quickly create purchase orders right from the line items within their order or independently. Mothernode makes the process fast and easy. You can receive all or some items and be reminded when items to be received are overdue.

Work Orders

For Field Services

Easily create Work Orders for your field services crew and third-party installers. Work Orders can be scheduled, assigned and emailed to individuals or teams.


Customer Billing

Create Invoices from your orders and send them electronically for payment. Invoices and credit memos can be created independently. Users can also apply payments to invoices.

UPS Integration

Shipping Integration

Mothernode CRM lets customers integrate with their UPS shipping account. Schedule UPS shipments when shipping orders and print labels directly from Mothernode. You can also access your UPS Shipping Logs from Mothernode.


Exports and APIs

Mothernode lets users download their Purchase Orders and Invoices into their accounting package or in some cases connect directly via API. Mothernode connects directly with QB online and Xero.


Work Order Scheduling

Users can easily schedule field crews by dragging and dropping jobs into the scheduling calendar. Installers and other field services team members can subscribe to their work order calendars on the desktop and mobile devices.


Commission Reporting

Mothernode gives companies the ability to assign up to three tiers of commissions to customers and control which goods and services within each line are commissionable. (Invoices required)

Feature Comparison Chart

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Sales Team
Sales & Marketing
Sales Management
Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Lead Dispatching
Pipeline Management
KPI Dashboards
Custom Reports
Report Automation
Report Archiving
Quotes & Estimates
Deposit Invoices
Products & Services Listing (used with quotes)
Proposal Templates
Email Templates
Account Management
Customer Management (unlimited customers)
Contact Management
Vendor Management
Smart Tasks
Collaboration (Dialogue™)
Notifications (Real-time)
Calendars (+ Group Calendars)
Activity Feed
File Cabinet (1GB file storage)
Import / Export Records
Global Search
Marketing Automation
Email Marketing
Follow-up Sequences (Lead nurturing)
Campaign Analytics
Delivery Tracking (reads, opens, bounced, etc)
Template Studio
25,000 emails/month
Unlimited Contacts (emailing)
Lead Capture Forms
Website Visitor Tracking
Case Management
Case Web Forms
Purchase Orders
Inventory (Advanced Module)
Sales Orders
Order Automation
Recurring Orders
Work Orders
Work Order Scheduling
Credit Memos
Integrations / Add-ons
Outlook Add-in
Gmail (Chrome Extension)
Google Calendar
QuickBooks (Online)
QuickBooks (Desktop via Transaction Pro Importer)
Stripe CC Processing
UPS Online
Constant Contact
Plaid (ACH processing)
Mothernode Lead Hunter