Mothernode Integration with QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop

Simplify the process of sending Invoices and POs to QuickBooks.


Mothernode CRM offers a connection to QuickBooks online & desktop using QuickBooks API. This functionality allows users to seamlessly transfer their Invoice and Purchase Order transactions from their CRM to their QuickBooks account.


  • Mothernode Enterprise CRM Subscription
  • QuickBooks Online Account
  • QuickBooks Desktop Account


This integration is a Mothernode CRM feature. For support, click here. For support with QuickBooks, visit

About this integration

Mothernode’s integration with QuickBooks online allows Enterprise Customers to connect to their accounting software so they can transfer financial records from Mothernode to QuickBooks.

What the Extension lets you do

By adding the QuickBooks API to your Mothernode Account in the Admin Module> APIs, users can effortlessly select one or more Invoice Records, Credit Memos, or Purchase orders from within their Mothernode CRM Account and send the records to their corresponding QuickBooks account. Transactions for existing accounts will automatically file under the QuickBooks customer account, while new customer transactions will create the customer account in QuickBooks and file the transaction accordingly. Inventory items will also be added during the process. The same process is applicable to Vendors and Purchase Orders.

Users can view their history of sent transactions in their Mothernode CRM account.