How to exceed last year’s sales goals

If you’re not using Mothernode CRM’s Marketing & Sales Automation features, you’re leaving money on the table. Period.

There are 2 ways to positively impact your bottom line. Reduce costs and increase revenue. Mothernode CRM helps you do both.

Increasing Revenue

If you’re not actively engaging customers via digital marketing campaigns or automatic follow-up sequences, it’s a guarantee that you’re losing revenue opportunities.

Reducing Costs

Reduce Costs by automating your sales and marketing efforts. Virtually eliminate the necessary administrative bourdons in the sales and marketing process.


With Mothernode CRM Sales & Marketing Automation you can

  • Save time; automate emails, follow-ups and tasks
  • Manage more sales, with less effort
  • Nurture longterm opportunities and increase your close ratio
  • Automate and improve customer service and satisfaction
  • Increase sales opportunities with existing customers


Without Mothernode CRM Sales & Marketing Automation you can

  • Work harder
  • Accomplish less
  • Lose money
  • Miss opportunities





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