Mothernode CRM Integration with HubSpot



Mothernode CRM Integration with HubSpot lets Mothernode customers who use HubSpot’s lead capture forms and landing pages can integrated their HubSpot account with their Mothernode CRM account. Mothernode CRM Integration HubSpot enables Mothernode customers to use HubSpot lead capture forms to feed new leads directly to Mothernode CRM. Additionally, HubSpot leads include a special “HubSpot Intelligence” tab in the Mothernode lead profile that displays important information only available to HubSpot users.


Minimum Requirements for Mothernode CRM Integration HubSpot

  • Mothernode Sales and Marketing Edition, Mothernode Professional Edition, Mothernode Enterprise Edition.
  • HubSpot Professional Edition, HubSpot Enterprise Edition.

Mothernode Customers who connect their CRM account to HubSpot can accomplish the following.

  • Receive new HubSpot leads directly in their Mothernode account.
  • Determine which HubSpot Lead Capture forms they would like to synch with Mothernode.
  • Assign a default lead recipient (sales rep) to a HubSpot form.
  • Access HubSpot data about the lead, directly from Mothernode.
  • Assign Mothernode contacts to HubSpot workflows.
  • Assign Mothernode lead contacts to HubSpot workflows.
  • Import contacts from HubSpot.


Connecting your HubSpot Account to Mothernode CRM

You must have a valid HubSpot Account to connect to your Mothernode CRM account. Be sure you have a qualifying version of each software before you get started. Have questions? Ask you Mothernode account manager.

  1. Get your HubSpot ID. Once you sign-in to your HubSpot account you will see your HubSpot ID in the top right conner of your browser window. Use your mouse to select it and copy it to your clipboard (Command+C [MAC] or CTRL+C [WIN]).
  2. Login to your Mothernode Account as an Administrator.
  3. Click the Administrator Tab and select API Connections from the Menu list.
  4. Click the HubSpot Tab.
  5. Paste your HubSpot ID into the connection field and click Connect.


Connecting your Lead Capture Forms to Mothernode CRM

Now that you’ve connected your HubSpot account to your Mothernode CRM Account, you will want to synch your webforms to Mothernode’s leads and opportunities module.

  1. Login to your Mothernode Account
  2. Click the Marketing Tab.
  3. Click Lead Capture Forms in the menu.
  4. Click the HubSpot Forms link in the top Menu. NOTE: you will only see this if your HubSpot account has been properly connected.
  5. The listing of your HubSpot forms will be available on this screen. By default, they will all be set to ‘Don’t Synch’. Assign each form to one or various sales reps. When a new HubSpot Lead comes through, they will automatically be assigned to the sales rep defined in this list.



HubSpot API Connection

Connecting your HubSpot Account to Mothernode gives you access to HubSpot features and information accessible directly from your Mothernode CRM account. Mothernode customers are required to have a paid HubSpot subscription. Users should set-up their workflows and lead capture forms in HubSpot and testing them thoroughly before connecting their Mothernode Account.




Connecting your HubSpot Account

  1. You must have a valid HubSpot account to use this feature. To signup for HubSpot account visit and choose a plan that best fits your requirements. NOTE: Some of the API features may not work if you are using a ‘trial’ version of HubSpot.
  2. Enter your Hub ID in the top left section of this screen and click the CONNECT button.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions and allow HubSpot to ?Authorize? your Mothernode connection.
  4. Your Mothernode account is now connected to HubSpot. You can revoke the connection anytime by clicking Disconnect.


This API will allow you to accomplish the following

Connecting your Mothernode account with HubSpot will give you access to HubSpot services and integrate HubSpot features and capabilities with Mothernode CRM. Once connected you can:

  1. Access your HubSpot lead capture forms from your Mothernode Account and assign a particular sales rep to manage all inbound leads sourced from a particular form.
  2. Attach Mothernode lead capture forms to HubSpot workflows.
  3. Add Mothernode contacts (as well as Customer Contacts and Leads & Opportunity Contacts to HubSpot workflows)
  4. Import HubSpot Contacts into your Mothernode Account.
  5. Get access to HubSpot Business Intelligence in your Mothernode Leads and Opportunities.



HubSpot Intelligence Tab

Mothernode CRM Integration with HubSpot expands your lead intelligence. When receiving a lead from HubSpot, the lead profile contains a tab unique to HubSpot Leads called “HubSpot Intelligence”. This tab provides additional information about the lead from your HubSpot account.


Days to Close
First Deal Created Date
Lead Status
Associated Deals
Recent Deal Amount
Recent Dela Close Date
Total Revenue
Owner Assigned Date
Last Modified Date
Blog Email Subscription
First Name
Last Name
Mobile Phone Number
Phone Number
Fax Number
Notes Last Updated
Number of Times Converted
Number of Times Contacted
Survey Monkey Event Last Updated
Postal Code
Became a Lead Date
Became an Opportunity Date
Create Date
Became an Evangelist Date
Became and Other Lifecycle Date
Annual Revenue
Associated Company ID
Last Contacted
Next Activity Date
Number of Notes
HubSpot Owner
Webinar Last Updated
Lifecycle Stage
Became a Marketing Qualified Lead Date
IP Address
Became a Sales Qualified Lead Date
Facebook ID
LinkedIn ID
Twitter User Name
Twitter Profile Photo
Twitter Clicks
LinkedIn Clicks
LinkedIn Bio
Broadcast Clicks
Klout Score
Google Plus ID
Twitter ID
Follower Count
Most Recent Social Click
Facebook Clicks
Twitter Bio
LinkedIn Connections
Email Confirmation Status
Opt out of email marketing information
Currently in Workflow
Emails Clicked
Opt out of email
Last Email Send Date
Last Email Click Date
Is Globally Ineligible 
Emails Delivered 
Opt Out of Email: Blog Subscription
Emailed Opened
Emailed Bounced
Last Email Name
Last Email Open Date
First Email Send Date
First Email Click Date
Last Update of an Email Event
First Page Seen
Number of Page Views
Number of Event Completions
Time of First Visit
Original Source Drill-Down 1
First Referring Site
Average Pageviews
Last Page Seen
Number of Visits
Time First Seen
Time Last Seen
Original Source Drill-Down
Laste Referring Site
Event Revenue
First Conversion Date
First Conversion
IP City
IP Timezone
IP Country
IP Latitude & Longitude
IP State/Region
IP State Code/Region Code
IP Zip Code
IP Recent Conversion Date
IP Recent Conversion
Service Required
Question Asked


HubSpot is a Trademark of HubSpot, Inc.

Mothernode CRM Integration HubSpot

HubSpot Leads are Easy to Spot!

Inbound HubSpot Leads are easily identified in your Mothernode CRM account by displaying the HubSpot Logo next to the lead ID.


HubSpot CRM Integration

Syncing HuSpot Lead Capture Forms with Mothernode CRM

Choose which HubSpot Forms you want to want to synch with Mothernode and assign the inbound lead to a sales rep.


HubSpot Mothernode CRM

Business Intelligence to help close the deal!

Not all users may have access to HubSpot, but all your Mothernode users can have access to HubSpot lead intelligence.