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Mothernode CRM Releases Its Third Outlook Integration

Irving, TX – February 10, 2016 – Mothernode CRM, one of the best cloud-based CRM solutions for sales teams and customer service users, has announced its third Outlook integration.

Many business customers rely on Outlook for their secure, work related communications inside and outside of the office. For many companies, their sales team has been using Outlook for years, and the email system contains years of conversation and sales history that they don’t want to lose by migrating to a new system. At the same time, however, a CRM offers a unique opportunity to keep customer information organized to help sales leads and reps complete the sale and track all information needed.

By integrating the best features of the Mothernode CRM with the common and familiar Outlook experience, customers have the chance to have the best of both worlds. By using the Mothernode Add-In, they can:

  • Quickly access client information from Outlook without needing to access their full Mothernode account
  • Synchronize contacts between the two programs to eliminate the need to alt-tab or copy and paste
  • Synchronize calendars between email and the CRM to keep themselves from accidentally double booking and needing to apologize later

The Add-In also includes options to archive emails to the Mothernode account, meaning that in future, whenever the customer is accessed in the CRM, the necessary information in the email will be available. The email features also allow sales reps to forward emails to Mothernode, seamlessly creating new leads or custom service cases. No extra steps, clicks, or frustration. They will also gain the ability to easily create quotes, proposals, and other documents within the Outlook system.

Mothernode CRM offers companies an ability to streamline their sales process, from selling to invoicing, by using one system to track multiple variables. Businesses that invest in top notch CRM systems, like Mothernode, find that they complete more sales, their businesses grow, and they experience a more streamlined, functional business. Mothernode has been used by companies that have just five employees, and businesses that have hundreds.

Mothernode also offers robust mobile tools that let sales reps take their system on the go. From creating new leads on the move to managing their accounts on the go, reps no longer need to worry about calling in to the office or pulling out their laptop. All the information they need to sell on the road is right there in their pocket.

And Outlook is far from the only integration featured in Mothernode CRM. From Hubspot for content generation to Mailchimp for newsletter management, Mothernode works with the software you use, instead of expecting you to work with it.

About Mothernode

Mothernode, LLC, is dedicated to providing top quality SaaS (Software-as-a-service) solutions to businesses, enabling them to streamline their operations and improve their efficiency. Instead of standard products in this genre which focus on reports and charts, Mothernode goes farther, offering users tools to help them create efficient operating workflows with a cost-effective and comprehensive solution. Mothernode works on Linux, PC, and Mac platforms.

A variety of companies have found success with Mothernode CRM, including eComp Consultants, SignalFactors, and J.M.C Imports. By visiting the customer success stories section page on the Mothernode website, interested customers can read the case studies from the companies, and hear in their own words how Mothernode CRM made a difference.

For More Information: 

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Irving, TX 75063
Phone: (800) 928-6055

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