Mothernode Launches New Email Marketing Automation Services

With a simple, user-friendly interface and powerful automation rules, Mothernode’s email marketing addition will enable existing customers to design agency quality email campaigns, create short term and long term marketing sequences and apply intelligent rules that activate or suspend sequences. Customers can use their segregate lists and map out multiple and multi-faceted Email Marketing campaigns, all while easily monitoring their effectiveness.


Mothernode customers can use Email Marketing Automation to announce the introduction of new products and loyalty programs, share news and reviews, highlight promotions and flash sales, or update customers about their holiday opening hours. Mothernode’s Email Marketing Automation will allow businesses to effortlessly create long or short term personalized email sequences that will keep customers and prospects alike engaged and interacting with their brand.


Businesses’ email marketing campaigns can be completely automated with the service and designed to obey a client’s specific set of preferences. Users can easily plug in dates and times for an email sequence’s release, or trigger alternative emails to be sent in accordance with the end user’s interactions.


Additional marketing automation features will be included as part of the service, which will also help existing customers smoothly manage a greater volume of sales, thus paving the way for them to increase their close ratios. These supporting programs will be made available for both new and current clients to help increase their customer retention, reduce email list decay, and help stimulate growth in sales.


The Mothernode service will also include an innovative template design studio, which is easily accessible by users of all skill levels. Classy, professional emails can be put together quickly to create stunning campaigns that captivate their readers, foster customer loyalty, and increase conversions.


The new addition to their expansive offering services will allow Mothernode to directly compete with companies and products, such as Infusionsoft.


“Infusionsoft is a very capable marketing product, but the amount of customers we’ve added over the years with our Infusionsoft integration is a clear testimony that it’s a poor CRM. Infusionsoft customers would rely on our CRM customer and sales management modules for a better interface to activate their Infusionsoft marketing sequences. Now, because we offer comparable marketing capabilities, Infusionsoft is now longer needed,” said a spokesperson for the company.


In the meantime, Mothernode will maintain its existing integrations with other Email Marketing Automation services such as Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Constant Contact and HubSpot. It’s a move that will enable customers to seamlessly transition from their existing service provider to Mothernode, without losing subscriber information or details from previous campaigns.


In comparison with the plans of other, third-party programs, the Email Marketing Automation service provided by Mothernode offers far more benefits for its customers. While a certain Infusionsoft plan is restricted to a maximum of 5,000 contacts, Mothernode offers unlimited contacts and allows users to send up to 25,000 emails per month.


“There are essentially 2 types of CRMs in our market space. Those who focus on customer management and sales automation, like Salesforce and Base, and those that focus on marketing automation, like Infusionsoft. We’re already a leader in sales automation and customer management, and now we want the same position in the marketing automation space. For our price point, these features combined can potentially make us the go-to CRM for small and mid-sized business,” stated the spokesperson.


About Mothernode:

Established in 2009, Mothernode CRM enables small and medium-sized businesses to more effectively manage their customers and their sales processes. An alternative to other companies such as Infusionsoft and Salesforce, Mothernode provides powerful software and applications that nurture customer relationships, increase customer and lead engagement, and drive sales. Their offering includes Salesforce Automation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, Order Fulfillment, Quoting and Proposals, Inventory Control Systems (ICS), Vendor Management, Invoicing, Performance Indicators, and much more.


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Contact Information:

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Source: Mothernode, LLC


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