Outlook Add-on for Mothernode CRM

Outlook users rejoice! Connect your Outlook to your CRM and start working smarter.

CRM for Outlook


Mothernode’s Outlook Add-in enables users to access their customers, contacts, and calendars in Outlook’s native environment. Users can update contacts and calendar appointments from within their account, as well as archive email with related customers and contacts.


  • Mothernode CRM Subscription
  • Outlook for Windows 2016 or 365
  • Admin access rights in Mothernode


Version: 5.0

Last Updated: December 30, 2019

Mothernode Subscription Required


This add-in is a Mothernode CRM product. For support, click here.


About the Outlook Add-on for Mothernode CRM

Use Mothernode CRM’s Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and accomplish more with the email client you know and trust. Get the most popular Mothernode features and the functionality you depend on most, right within Outlook. Mothernode’s Outlook add-in gives you access to all your history and correspondence for customers, contacts, and opportunities.

What the Add-in lets you do

After installing the Mothernode CRM Add-in for Outlook, users can connect to their Mothernode CRM account via their Outlook application to view, add or modify information in their CRM.

  • Synchronize your Mothernode Calendar with Outlook
    • Access your Mothernode calendar in Outlook’s native calendar environment
    • Make updates to your calendar events in Outlook
    • Bi-directional synchronization


  • Synchronize your contacts with Mothernode CRM
    • Access your Mothernode Contacts in Outlook’s native environment
    • Edit your contacts directly from Outlook
    • Choose which contacts you want to sync
    • Bi-directional synchronization


  • Access Mothernode’s Outlook Contact Pane and accomplish the following:
    • View recent activity, notes, and email, even activity recorded by other users
    • Post comments and notes or respond to users
    • Schedule appointments and quick follow-ups
    • View contact information
    • Access contact’s social media accounts, including Linked-in and Twitter
    • Quick access to contact record in Mothernode (opens Mothernode)


  • Send email from Outlook and choose to archive them with relevant customers and contacts in Mothernode
  • Selectively archive inbound emails from Outlook with one or more Mothernode contacts
  • Forward email from your inbox to Mothernode to create new Leads
  • Forward email from your inbox to Mothernode to create new Cases
  • Forward vCards to Mothernode to create new Contacts


Get Quick Access to your contacts’ related records and transactions, including

  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Customer Profiles
  • Quotes
  • Cases

Create new records in Mothernode right from within the Outlook side pane.