The Best CRM for the signage industry

Discover first hand why Mothernode CRM is the top CRM for sign companies.

9 ways sign companies depend on Mothernode CRM


Simplified Sales Management

Sales teams and business owners alike will appreciate Mothernode’s simplified sales management approach. Users can get the visibility they need to view their leads and opportunities, organized by selling stage. Filter on the data you want to see, drag and drop opportunities through the sales process, and run customizable reports. Mothernode Cards give you the perspective you need to effectively manage your sales pipeline.



Outlook Integration

Outlook users can get access to real-time CRM information from the comfort of the program they use most. Synchronize calendars and contacts and get access to the latest information related to your Mothernode accounts, including quotes, opportunities, conversations, notes, events and more.




Stop quoting in Excel! Get organized and start presenting your buyers with quotes they can easily read and sign electronically. Mothernode CRM gives you everything you need to communicate pricing to your buyers quickly.



Lead Nurture Sequences

Fortune is in the follow-up! That’s why Mothernode CRM provides everything you need to automate your communications so you can stay on top of your client’s needs. Keeping your brand in front of your prospects during the buying process can increase the odds of winning their business. Mothernode CRM lets you create stunning campaigns that can help you make a positive impression with your customers.



Real-time notifications

Eliminate the need to request updates or inquire about the status of a customer inquiry or order. Mothernode’s real-time notifications provide you with alerts that are based on other users’ actions that pertain to your customers, contacts and transactions. Mothernode notifications can eliminate administrative communications by up to 80%.



Sales and Marketing Automation

We all know sales is a numbers game and that’s why Mothernode CRM gives you the tools you need to increase your opportunities. Whether it’s through time-saving features, automation tools or expanding your lead channels, Mothernode CRM helps you stay focused on what matters most…selling more!



Lead Capture Forms

Instantly turn website inquiries into new leads with Mothernode Lead Capture forms. Add newsletter subscribers from any page or offer white papers and product information soliciting contact information in exchange for quality content. Assign marketing sequences to forms and seamlessly send marketing email to newly added contacts.



ConstructConnect Integration

Fill your pipeline daily with new and updated projects! ConstructConnect Insight Subscribers can load up their projects every day with Mothernode CRM. Select the projects you want to add to your opportunities and that’s it!



Work Orders

Scheduling installations is a breeze with Mothernode CRM. Drag and drop installations to your calendar, and access them from Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and even your phone. You can even send work to third-party installers.

Learn more about how Mothernode CRM can help automate your business processes. Schedule time with an advisor today.

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